Sea Snail

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Sea Snail

Today, I want to show you again, the type of snail, which always lives on the edge of the sea, by walking very slowly, over the rocks along the seafront.

This type of snail is a type of snail that has a very small size, because I used the photo distance, which is very close, so, as in the picture it looks a little bigger.

This type of snail, I do not know the name of the species, which is often mentioned in several regions, although I have searched several sources, Google media.

This type of sipu, has its own uniqueness, in its life, when it is on the edge of the sea, namely:

  • can hide parts of the body, in the shell
  • leaving a thick liquid mark, along the way.
  • has a very slow path. while heading elsewhere.
  • has a different shell from other snails.

like what kind of snail I mean, let us see it, in the picture below.


Sea Snail


Sea Snail


Sea Snail


Sea Snail


Sea Snail


Sea Snail


Sea Snail


Sea Snail


Sea Snail

If you've seen it, maybe you can see, some of the camera's lens shot, getting good focus, of the snail's eye in the image above.

this is what I can say, I hope you are happy to see it.

I end with a word
Have a good day, always happy with family

Hilsen @sultan-aceh



PhotographySeaside Snail
Location PhotoLhokseumawe City Seafront
Camera usedHandphone



That is really very little one, I like the pattern of its shell, looks like a stone :)

thank you so much @stef1 :)

Saya sangat tertarik melihat motif yang menghiasi pada badan siput ini, coraknya seperti batik. Inilah
yang membuat Hewan Ini terlihat sangat anggun, Kob lagak bit, sep senang hate oeh ta kalen 😊

thank you so much

Sama-sama rakan 😊

Pakek lensa tambahan bang???

thank you so much @nazarul
ngak ..... pakai tehnik photo efek cahaya ok

Mantap bg. Saya coba

koh plok aqua .. beu sesuai gon ukuran lensa hp, jadi ... cahaya yg ilop u dalam lensa meukureung, bah bluur ...wi dan uneun. .... tinggai peugleh noise mantong... bek bicah gamba... man miseu na na neujak ulhok neu piyoh.. bah lon peuget. :)

Kabareh nyan adun, wate lon Jak lon bi haba teuma. Trimong geunaseh BG.

Thank you for enlightening us on nature

thank you so much

It's amazing~~~I've never seen it^^

Gambar bintang siput yang sangat indah... Dan unik sekali..

Terima kasih @ridor5301

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