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My name is Yuna Kiara

Today, I have made another picture, a picture of a girl from the country next door to aceh, the name of this girl I gave the name "Yuna Kiara". In making this image, I polished the face of this country girl, with very fine and very careful pencil strokes, so that the face is formed. hence, on my face it makes it a little more gloomy or sluggish.

On the hair section, I made it more suitable for her face and name. the name I took this is the name in face reading size only. on the eyes, I made in such a way, to fit his face.

In making this image, still on hold as usual, I made it gradually until it was finished, and it became an image of a village girl's face.

below is the order of drawing that I made.













I like how you perfect her eyes with your pencil, deep tender and hopeful of a change, the lines in her hair make her look real, when you are a girl they make those two bows in your hair.

Greetings and success!

thank you for your kind comment @lanegra2804

very gentle and full of hope for change

It's time to do what's best, even though she's still a child now, she will become a mother someday.

Beautiful, cantik kali gadis yg ada di foto itu, saya jadi iri 😁

terima kasih atas komentarnya @mollymochtar
iya cantik, tapi itu hanya gambaran dalm seni saja, jangan iri ok.
cobalah pedipure dan pedipere ...lama lama juga akan cantik.👏

Iya pak, tapi saya jujur, gambarnya memang sangat indah 😊

Please convey my regards to Yuna Kiara. The picture has made me fall in love 😍👍

terima kasih atas komentarnya @midiagam 😁
akan ta brie saleum heheh

Sama-sama bang @sultan-aceh. Postingan berkualitas harus dikomentari 😊

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