Leaf Moth

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Leaf Moth

Today, I want to show again the types of insects, which have similarities with other types of insects, namely butterflies, even though this type of moth is also included in the butterfly type, in its smallest form, but in my area, this type of insect, we often call it by name. Leaf Moth.

It has been a long time, this type of moth, I haven't got it, finally I got this type of moth too, when it was getting late into the evening "time is printed on the picture".

This type of moth that has black and white colors, is on the leaves, which is sucking the liquid, for its daily needs, so that I can also take some photos, which I want to show to all of you, in order to know the type of moth, which has long been live in diaceh forest.

what kind of moth I mean, let's look at it below :


### Leaf Moth


### Leaf Moth


### Leaf Moth


### Leaf Moth


### Leaf Moth


### Leaf Moth

I end with a word
Have a good day, always happy with family

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Hilsen @sultan-aceh



PhotographyLeaf Moth
Location PhotoACEH FOREST
Camera usedHandphone



Asli barang bit foto kali nyoe. Wate deuh gamba phon, ka teupeusona long. Antena jih lagak that-that, lage sugot, warna pih sep lagak.

Oe poe long 👍👍👍

Kupu-kupu yang cantik bang, saya suka gambarnya. Bagus

I was expecting those antenna of this insect/fly would more sharp when it seems blurry, these shots are undoubtedly overall great. ☺️

Ngengat yg menarik,memiliki totol putih yg unik

This Really Fhoto,, or some animal really show not different from reality. Awesome..

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