DISCOVERY VIDEO | Leaf Caterpillars "Weird Position Above the Leaf"

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Leaf Caterpillars "Weird Position Above the Leaf"

Today, we will see watching together, a very different type of caterpillar from before, this type of caterpillar, whatever it is doing on a leaf, this type of caterpillar you see, also has very different legs at the bottom.

in the video, you can see a number of colors seen throughout the body of this type of caterpillar, by having a yellow head color, this type of caterpillar, the body of this caterpillar, in a curved position, above the leaves.

in this video, I try to record the whole movement of this type of caterpillar, but, because of this caterpillar style, like wanting to jump, I only record, just a few parts, from the whole body, from the side and back.

I recorded this type of video with SD and HD video formats, so you can change it, in the Video settings of your Handphote, PC and Laptop.

what kind of caterpillar I mean, let's watch the video below.


Click Play above, to watch video


that's the video that I can show, I hope you enjoy seeing it at home with family.

that's the video that I can put on my blog post today.

I end with the words, greetings @sultan-aceh


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VideographerDiscovery Insect Videographer
Video QualitySD - HD
Location VideoAceh In Forest
Camera usedCanon EOS 600D
Lens CameraMacro


Dari video itu saya melihat ulat
daun ini sepertinya akan melompat. Tapi sampai video
selesai, ternyata si ulat hanya sedikit bergerak 😁
Padahala kalau kita lihat gaya tubuhnya, dia sudah pasang kuda-kuda untuk melompat, ternyata tidak jadi.

Entah apa yang merasukimu ulat hehe

thank you so much


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thank you so much support @worldofxpilar

Awesame video...thanks for sharing...


thank you so much

 last year (edited)

very good photography and videography. i resteemed your post

thank you so much