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In 1984, Pepsi earnings at the end of the year hit 7.7 billions dollars while coke cola depreciated by 10 million dollars.

Pepsi did something that made them to record such fit.

Keep reading to find out.

If you read this Contents to the end, I will show you how you can attract more Customers. You won't have to chase Customers anymore. Doors of opportunities will open for you because you decided to grow a brand.

Let's continue.

In 1983, Pepsi Company wanted to position Pepsi as drinks for the young in other to make coke look old.

Michael was the young lad making waves at that time. He was the only one that could paint that picture.

Boom, that led them to signing Michael Jackson and his brothers on a record breaking 5 million dollars endorsement deal.

It was the biggest deal of that era.

Guess what?

Sales skyrocketed.

Youth started vibing to Pepsi drink more, and naturally coke sales dropped.

That's the celebrity effect I'm talking about.

Michael went on after that to sign 10 million dollars endorsement deal with Pepsi again.

He also went on to attract thousands of football fans to the stadium for a football match that naturally they wouldn't come.

The celebrity effect.

You can inject this into your business too.

Keep reading, I will show you how.

Okay, Micheal Jackson might be too big for you.

Imagine household names like this:

John Obidi

Akin Alabi

Toyin Omotoso

Nnamani Czar

Imagine these guys selling stuff to you. Will you bargain?

Believe me, you will jump on their offers as if your life depends on it.

In fact, John Obidi held a YouTube webinar and over 2 thousand people where present.

How many influential people can pull that.

Czar hosted paid course on WhatsApp, in less than 24hrs the group was filled up.

They use what I called attraction Marketing.

They don't run after people to buy. They don't beg people to sell. The doors of opportunities is always opened to them.


Because they build a brand.

As I'm writing this about two people clicked my affiliate link that leads to by Watsap. I have initiated the selling process already. I didn't run after them. I just attracted them.

I will show you how to achieve that too in your business in my next post.

Stay clued and remain blessed.

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