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I'm @steem.history, who is currently steem witness.

I got to know STEEM for the first time in 2016, and I joined Steemit and have been active until now. The first time I bought STEEM was when the STEEM price was about $8. It was a high price, but when SMT came out, I thought it was worth enough as a platform coin like Ethereum, and I converted the considerable money amount I had into STEEM. But the crypto market has not matured yet, and the steam value has continued to decline. It's less than $1 now. but, I pray that the STEEM will rise again than anyone else.

Now that I think about why STEEM's value has fallen, I think we've lived so complacent. The market continued to grow, but Steemit made no changes. we just spent a lot of good points meaninglessly.
The foundation failed to keep the plan.

Basically, anyone can participate in the block chain, but I think it's important for a leader to lead. I think it is the Foundation role. Unfortunately, however, this year, SteemitINC is being sold to the TRON Foundation. In other words, our leader has left us.

In the centralized world of block chain, leaders are not required. But without the leader, we could not do anything. If leader were there but didn't do anything, It is rather better for a leader not to exist.
We have been so committed to the foundation, and as a result, the reality has been that STEEM's continued depreciation of its value.

If SteemitINC had continued to operate for STEEM, could we have seen SMT as planned? And can STEEM's value rise in the market if SMT comes out now? Perhaps the market response was not good. There are already too many platform coins, and platform coins are no longer special. We missed such a good time.

There was a lot of friction with the new Tron Foundation and many existing witnesses. Some of them have worked for STEEM, while others have made a lot of profit on the spot. It did not have enough communication with the Tron Foundation, and consequently, in a bad form, STEEM eventually separated. This wasn't what I wanted. we think it would have been good if we had somehow coordinated our opinions and reached a conclusion, but the results that have already been decided do not change.

After all, I, who remain, should once again dream of survival. So I started participating as a witness.

Noblesse oblige

Of course, it doesn't mean I have a high status, it's just having an obligation as a witness.

As a witness, the most important factor is to maintain stability for the STEEM chain. And as a witness, my biggest goal is to generated without miss to create a block. To achieve this, I trying to minimize the miss of block creation using backup nodes.

And as a witness, I will try to activate users. That is the biggest reason I support the community.
If possible, I would like to support all STEEMs generated through witness activities. If my recognition increases after I move forward, I will requst to community engineer for steem tool development for community.

Ans as a witness, I will require user requirements to the Foundation.

It is not enough because I have become a witness, not much time has passed, but I promise you the above and I will surely keep it.

Please feel free to contact me if you need my help.


My witness activity

  • Provides information on Steem.
  • Supporting the Steem project.
  • Supporting the community.

My featured posts

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Let's make SteemIt a true BOSN (Blockchain-based Online Social Network).
I am with you @steem.history.


 3 years ago 

Greetings friend @steem.history

We know the circumstances that the cryptosystems are going through, I hope that their impetus and good management will push our community forward. We need a strong Steem and only in union will we achieve that.

Our efforts will bear fruit sooner or later.

Success in your work.

I love your intention
Am interested @steem.history


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Como puedo ponerme en contacto contigo?
how can contact with you?

Discord, steem.history#6939

I just sent you the request to the discord

Te envie la solicitud de amistad al discord

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