Bybit exchange ( p2p made easy)

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Good evening friends today I bring to you something really special and relevant to traders, have you thought about an easier way to buy currencies on Bybit exchange? Have you thought about buying currencies or asset at a very cheap rate with zero charge fees?

Okay P2P trading is the solution to your problems peer-to-peer is the act of buying or selling of assets/currencies directly with the other party in a private and secure format.

How to buy your currency on P2P trading?

• First of all download the Bybit application then register using this link this would grant you access to Bybit features especially P2P trading


• Click on the marked box on the image below this would give you access to other numerous features on Bybit then search on search for P2P trading.


• Click on the marked box where you see P2P, numerous available advertisment would be on display, it’s then left for you to buy or sell



• You have to choose the advertisement that fits your choice, click on your preferred advert and fill all required information like the amount you are buying.


• The next page is where you copy the trader transaction information like account number and account name. After sending funds, you can go back to Bybit to confirm transaction, if successful you will receive your desired amount of asset.



• You would also chose your desired amount of asset you are selling in the advert space.



• But this time you would be the one giving out account information, to whoever is buying the asset.


Note: Do not release asset if you have not received the equivalent in your Bank, Also all images were gotten from Bybit. Do not chat or trade with others trader aside through Bybit chat space, otherwise you brear 100% consequences of any scam. Bybit p2p trading is 100% free.


In this few steps you can master p2p trading on BYBit, as you can see it's easy and faster than ever before, thanks for going through follow for more educative post

In Conclusion

Bybit exchange is a very powerful and efficient crypto exchanges with nice user interface which enhance transaction with ease on BYBit, p2p is the future of trading because it helps reduce or completely take off transaction fees from trade.


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