Dorantes Longtail Butterfly 🦋 Clevia, Suriname

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Hi everybody! I have photos of Dorantes Longtail butterfly to show everyone. When I ride bicycle on the road of my place I live I always saw so many different kind of butterflies around flowers near the street and canal. All the streets here have canals on both sides.

The people here love to grow flowers and other plants in front of their house near the canals. When I saw the butterflies near the street and in front of the people's house, I really want to stop and take pictures of them but I never do it. I think because I don’t want to make the people feel uneasy with me.



I learned this butterfly is named lilac-banded longtail or the dorantes longtail butterfly. It’s from the family Hesperiidae.


It has wings is so much longer than other butterflies.


These pictures I took in front of the landlord's house near the street.


I used to see this kind before but much smaller than this. This butterfly is a little bit big.

Also I used see it so many times, but I have never seen behind its wings. This is my first time to see and have photos from behind it.


Today I can find just one insect, I hope you all enjoyed it. Have a great day everyone and I hope you are all well everywhere you are. 😊

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