🍁🦗 A Giant Dead Leaf Mantis Came To Visit Me 🍂

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Our family just wake up and I started to boil hot water for Justin to make coffee. Justin go to open the window and he saw an insect in the window. He called me "Pov I saw something you will like!" He said, "Come here and you will be happy because this one you've never seen before."

I said "Oh really?" Then I see this insect and I wondered what it was. At first I think it’s a dead leaf, but I remember I once saw it in a friend's Hive post, but not the same kind as this one. I have never seen it before, it really looks like a dead leaf 💯, but it has life.


I learned its name is Giant Dead Leaf Mantis. It was very quiet in the curtain.


Then I took it outside the house and put in aloe vera.


If it lives in the real dead leaves we can't know it is an insect.


It lived with us two nights already.


When has the wind it rotates its head in the wind. Our family loves to watch it do that because it looks like it is dancing.


I saw it moving around but it did not leave our house. It can fly but I don't know why it doesn't fly away from our home.


It loves the light at night, and when we turn on the lights it flies quickly to the light and stays there until the morning.


Our family looked at it a lot like it was art in the home. Have a wonderful weekend everybody 😊.

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