A day with friends

in WORLD OF XPILAR3 months ago (edited)

A beautiful spring day, everything blossomed and smelled, I went out on the terrace and got energy ... I invited my friends to ride a bike, because why not, I thought to myself, such a beautiful day is a pity not to be used.



Spring has arrived, we all see it, but we thought of embracing it, so we rode all day and enjoyed the nature and landscapes that spring prepared for us. We pulled our dusty bikes out of the basement that had just risen from hibernation.


These are my best friends, I spend most of my time with them and I enjoy spending it. I try to always be in a good mood and to cultivate positive energy, because hatred does not pay off because no one on this planet will stay forever, so you spend your time in good energy and mood.


Oops ... I almost forgot, I was not only with my friends, but I was also my brother, how could I forget my brother, you are probably wondering, well, the answer to that question will be hard for you to get because I am not either I know how I forgot him, the most important thing is that I remembered him and that I spent a good time with him and that we also flew into the embrace of warm days.


We had to take a break and enjoy the freshness by the river, we stopped by the river Morava, it seemed like a cool place to enjoy, we made chiltimes.

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