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RE: Funny Photo's Contest on Steemit (WEEK XXXVII) 10 Steem Price Pool, Plus Additional 2-6 Steem to Bonus Selection/Honorable Mention

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Hi, @davidad. This is my participation in the contest: Week #37.

FUNNY PHOTO CONTEST: WEEK XXXVII / My Moods / @SkinnyGirl / #Club5050


I invite my friend @rosita1 to participate in this wonderful contest.

Shared on my Twitter account.



Te quedó genial @skinnygirl
Y muchísimas gracias por revisar mi link.
Ya lo traje, amiga.

 last year 

Welcome to funny photos Contest on Steemit Week 37

You Contribution is here by approved😊

Best of luck.


Gracias amiga, trataré de salir lo mejor que pueda, jajaja.

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