📷 My new landscape by the lake

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Good evening to all and a wonderful mood. Today I drew a landscape with acrylic on cardboard, according to the plot it will be a lake in the mountains :-)


I wanted to draw trees in the foreground and a small island in the middle of the lake. I hope you like it?

First I made a sketch. I wrote a background with mountains... She showed the clouds, outlined the location of the island with trees.


Then she began to draw details and water. Of course, it is not easy for any novice artist to draw even landscapes, but if you really want to learn, then you need to draw every day. Only then will both experience and skill come.


I had a desire to create for a long time, but I didn't dare to try my hand for a long time. So if you see flaws, and you will definitely see them, then write to me and give your advice. After all, I'm still just studying and any of your recommendations will help me become more professional, of course, and my paintings will look even better...

And here is the finished picture, do you think it turned out well?


I also took some photos with my new paintings in a special program, I hope you will like them...



If you like my drawings, then check them out here!
Thank you for supporting me in my work! Your advice helps me a lot!
I published many of my works in this portfolio on the website "Deviant Art", and in General, during the year of painting, I drew more than 100 paintings, of course some of them are just drawings, so to speak, a sample of the brush :-)

But there are also good paintings that have received approval even from professional masters of painting!

Thank you for Your attention and visit.
I appreciate Your feedback and comments.
I wish you luck and have a nice day!
Best wishes!

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