📷 My new drawing "Winter Fun"

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Hello everyone, yesterday we celebrated the night before Christmas in Russia.
Are you celebrating this holiday? Today I decided to show you my new painting, which I called "Winter Fun"!


I drew the picture easily this time. At first, I outlined the mountains in the background and the Christmas tree near.


Then she began to think who should I draw ?

And I decided to portray Santa Claus at the skating rink. He came to praise the kids for their zeal and playing sports. Can you skate?

I live in the Kuban and we almost never have snow. Many children do not know how to skate, and the rink itself has only been seen on TV or on video. It turns out this also happens...

Of course, it's still difficult for me to draw people, so they will be passionate about skating :-)


And with Santa Claus, everything seemed to be simple. However, at first I didn't get it either. But in the end I did draw Grandpa! And that's just the baby had to change into other clothes :-)


But at the end I made a winter card. I hope that someone will definitely like it? And I congratulate everyone once again on the new year 2022!



If you like my drawings, then check them out here!
Thank you for supporting me in my work! Your advice helps me a lot!
I published many of my works in this portfolio on the website "Deviant Art", and in General, during the year of painting, I drew more than 100 paintings, of course some of them are just drawings, so to speak, a sample of the brush :-)

But there are also good paintings that have received approval even from professional masters of painting!

Thank you for Your attention and visit.
I appreciate Your feedback and comments.
I wish you luck and have a nice day!
Best wishes!

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