📷 Fair of craftsmen or the wonders of needlework (15 photo)

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Have a nice day! Do you like handicrafts and souvenirs made with your own hands? I have a lot of interesting and amazing photos from fairs that were held in the Kuban in the past, and I will show them to you today :-)

Creative people cannot sit idle, they are constantly inventing something, remaking, constructing, using a variety of materials. It can be wood, clay, fabrics, paints, straw, jute and even salted dough...

At fairs, you can see a lot of interesting things: various boxes, souvenirs, writing materials, toys and a lot of stuff.

And many ornaments are very high-quality, quite elegant and attractive.

Looking at crafts once, I found such an interesting forged detail, which was worn under a helmet in ancient times.

It's very exciting to look at.

You never know what you'll see in the next moment. These can be compositions of talash (corn leaves)

or even knitted and felted wool hats for every taste :-)

Sometimes you can find something from clothes. Such models are unlikely to be bought everywhere in a regular store :-)

And the kids have something to see.

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