The Diary Game: "Played a Guitar Today" - 01/07/2020

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I woke up early today, it's because of the noise of my nephew playing with my youngest brother. After getting up, I fixed my bed and had my breakfast. I didn't take a bath right after eating because I went to my pet cats and fed them first. Then I hanged all the washed clothes and did the other household chores. I took a bath after all that.


After lunch time, I painted again which I posted recently for my daily artworks. You can find the whole process here .


By the time I finished painting ang posting it to my blog, I played a guitar. It's been a while since I've been focused on drawing and painting.

2020-07-01 09.34.37 1.jpg

This guitar is owned by my father. He taught me how to play guitar when I was still in high school but I wasn't able to focus on it until now that's why I am still having a hard time mastering the chords especially on strumming. Somehow, I was still able to play a song but with 4 basic chords only.😂

Before starting, I tuned the guitar first using the Guitar Tuna App. The applications Tab and Guitar Songs are where I look for a song chords. The tab is an online app while the guitar songs is offline.

Screenshot_20200701-232230_One UI Home.jpg

The song I played today was "Crazier" by Taylor Swift. I really love her songs. ❤




After playing it, we had dinner. When I was done eating and washing the dishes, I'm choosing a topic for my daily artwork tomorrow, so keep an eye on it. 😊

This is how I spent my day and thank you for stopping by. 😊


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