Pleasant unexpected visits

No one likes unexpected visits

In 99% of the cases if you have an unexpected visit, no one is happy with that. But look at this two cute animals and tell me that you wouldn't love them to come and visit.



This funny fox was for sure lost. Because I was just outside having a cigarette in my friend's garden when I saw it in the top of a shed! So if you look at the cat photo in the far you see a hood shed and that's where the fox was earlier.

The black cat you see in the photo you have seen it before here in my photos. No one knows his name. But he belong to some neighbour and he just comes everyday to have some food and chill in the kitchen for a little bit.

When the unexpected visits are of this kind I don't mind at all!

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Together we can rebuild.🌱💪 We have resteem this.🛡♻

Thank you so much :D

Fawns, fillies, fledglings, foals – lend me your deer.🦌🦌🦌 We’ve resteemed this awesome post!♻👍

Thank you so much :D

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