Photography gone wrong

A lot of fails when creating art

People a lot of times are not completely honest when they are sharing their works, their life and their journeys on social media.

You will create a lot of art that is not as good as you thought. Or should I say you will try to create some art and for many different motives in the end you can't achieve the results you were going for, there might be lack of inspiration, something more technical, so many different factors that can make the creation of art go wrong.



Today I wanted to share 2 of those fails with you.

These 2 images in my mind and when I was trying to capture them everything looked great but as soon as I clicked I knew I was not going to be able to make it happen and to create what I wanted with the quality I wanted. And so I didn't even went for more shoots.

So remember, there will be a lot of fails but you have to keep creating so you can come up with the masterpieces.

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