Always be careful online

This morning I have been contacted by someone with an offer that sounds too good to be true. And unfortunately when working online, and specially now on Web3 there are so many scams going around that you really need to pay attention to every single move you make.




Let's talk about what happen and I will keep you up to date with any news I might have about this situation.

I have received a message on Twitter by someone I do not follow asking me to use some of my photos on their project. I am not going to use names, but it is for a photography editing software. They want to use the photos on the website.

I usually don't bite, but I looked at the Twitter profile of this person and it only looked that there is a 50% chance of this being a fake account trying to scam people.

There were links on the header to the page, there were social media platform connections, including Youtube with a lot of videos, there was even a page for the software. Those were all factors that got me to reply.

They have told me they would like to buy 3 of my photos, I asked which works they were talking about and they gave me the tittle names of 3 of the works I have on my Opensea Gallery. The only request and what they were asking for is that if I could do a B&W edits of those photos.

At this point, I am getting excited about it and things seem to be going well. So I ask about how much they were offering for these 3 works in B&W and I was told 0.4 ETH for each photo, that sounds amazing to me and I decided to keep trying my luck.

Now this is when it start getting dodgy, they have created a guest user name for me to access to their website and can test to see how the photos would look like, so it would be easier for me to edit them. And at that point is where I had to put on a break. Although the details I was sent to login looked like it could indeed be a guest/temporary access to the page, probably with a lot of limitations of course. I was not about to login to a website from a person I don't know from anywhere.

It is true that a lot of things are looking that this is a legit project, there are a lot about it on the internet and even the whole conversation looked too complex for it to be a scam, specially after I have been scammed not that long ago. I have decided I wouldn't do that login.

Because nowadays scammers really create very elaborate systems and go the long way to try and steal from you.

In the end I have agree with the offer. And we agreed that I would edit the images and send them a preview, a photo of all the 3 images together and if that's what they were looking for I would mint them with a Reserve Price for them so they could collect them from OpenSea and they have my authorization to use the images on their product.

I am now currently waiting for the reply to see if the images were approved and if that's what they are looking for. If it is, I guess I finally will have a nice pay day coming in very soon. My best NFT pay day so far.

Or I will not get a reply back, because I haven't logged in and they couldn't scammed me and in the end I have done this 3 new edits for no reason. But at least I have enjoyed the editing time and I was not stolen.

There will be an update on this situation as soon as I know more news.

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