I was missing to photograph People











I really enjoy photographing People

Lately I have been exploring a lot of different things when it comes to my expression of art in Photography but I do miss to work with people and photograph them. Specially with Joana, that you might have seen in my socials very often for years. Whenever I get an opportunity to snap some photos of her, even if they are not planned and it is just a quick shoot to kill time while we wait for the train, I'll take that chance.

It is an absolute pleasure to work with her and in then end I always end up with a bunch of new photos that I really enjoy.

The reason I have edited and shared so many today is that I have photographed Joana plenty of times and it is always the case that she always like some photos that usually are not my favourite, we have a different aesthetic and vision. So today I have decided to go wild and edit the double of the photos I usually would do. So I have edited my selection of favourites and then just added some wild cards, that in the end probably will be her choice.

Which of these photo is your favourite?

 6 months ago 

But she enjoys the camera, she looks very natural without any problem, she is confident in the camera.


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