I prefer muted tones and darker colours

If you have seen my post from yesterday you have seen some other images taken in this same exact place.

There were so many cool subjects that I just allowed myself to go wild and in the end I came up with a lot of great compositions that I Love and adore.

sea things 1 small.jpg

sea things 2 small.jpg

sea things 4 small.jpg

But what I want to talk with you today is about the editing style.

You can see a huge difference between this photos and the ones you saw yesterday are more true to reality than this one.

It was a very hot, bright Summer day when I took this photos and all the colours were bright, reflecting light and popping out. I Love to that and I love to see photos with those tones and colours but I am getting to a real point that I think that for me as a photographer it is definitely not my style and when it comes to create my own art it is not something that I want to explore anymore, at least for now. I think I want to focus a little bit more in exploring this more muted and darker colours because they look more pleasant and beautiful to my eye.

Which style you prefer the best, this one or the one from yesterday's post?

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seagulls chilling on the boat
good captures

Thank you so much :D

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