How much Valuable time we spent "just waiting" on something


Do we have too much?
Do we have enough?
How do we use it and spend it?

There are so many things to think about when it comes to time. And one of them is, how much time do we spend waiting on things that are not that important and completely out of our control when we could be using that time to do something else that is more important and productive for us.

While me and Joana were waiting on the train, I thought that we could use that time to have some fun and take some photos. There is a schedule for public transports but you know you always have to be there earlier in case something happen. But I just wanted to be there sharp and get the train. This earlier times that we need to arrive is out of our control but we still use that time, waiting. So I consider it a lost time.

I don't mind wasting time doing nothing if it is my pro active choice. I am fine with that.

I tend to not think much about this things because otherwise I would just lose my mind. But I wanted to leave those questions in the top here for you in case you have never thought about it before. Would like to know what do you think about "time"?

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