Beach view - Folkestone

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Beach in the UK

Remember all those people that say that here it is always grey and raining? What do you say of the beach in Folkestone?

Have to say that the pebbles are not my favourite to be walking around or even laying and relaxing but the Sea and the skies were looking gorgeous. I even dared to go and dip my feet in the water, for my surprise it was not that cold I would have got in if I was dressed for it.

The view in this area is really beautiful and every times I go to visit my best friend I always take some time to try and enjoy this view. Luckily it is just a couple of minutes away from his place so I get to see it very often.

Hopefully next weekend I will be able to go down again to celebrate Folkestone Pride with them and the weather will be beautiful like this.

You know I will bring a lot of photos and videos if I end up going. Are you ready for it?


Securing life 🧬🌱🛡 in its most organic state.🙏👍

nice view

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