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Hi Art Lovers, Simple things can be produced from materials found at home. Fun activities are always good for our souls and make our day better :) I'm going to show you how to make a cute turtle out of an egg box, today :))

photo-collage (1).png

  • Tortoises have a skeleton inside their hard shell.

  • It is known that turtles, one of the oldest reptiles in the world, existed on earth 200 million years ago. So, they met dinosaurs.



  • They are very durable. They are very resistant to heat, cold and hunger.

  • The turtle cannot come out of its shell.

  • An interesting fact is that temperature affects the sex of turtles. In scientific studies, eggs incubated at temperatures below 81°F tend to be male, while those above this temperature tend to be female.



  • They are long-lived. They can live for about 150 years. The oldest tortoise is 190 years old now. There has been a turtle that died at the age of 250 before :o

  • Turtles are almost in every region but not in Antarctica.



  • They can shatter hard objects but have no teeth. They smash with their jaws.

  • Turtles living on land and in the sea have different diets. They usually eat grass, insects and fruit. Those living in the sea feed on creatures such as jellyfish and algae. Some are carnivores.


  • k2.jpeg

  • Their senses of sight and smell are strong. On the other hand, their hearing is weak.

  • They reproduce by laying eggs. They bury their eggs and the hatching process takes 2 months.


  • Almost 250-300 species of turtles exist in the world.

  • Many species of these slow creatures that have witnessed the history of the world are in danger today. Endangered turtles are almost half of the existing species. This is a huge amount. There are 5 main reasons why they are in danger. These are poaching, climate change, pollution, habitat loss and the illegal pet trade. Their habitats must be protected before they are destroyed.

You can make this cute turtle one day you get eggs. So, you have created a beautiful product and you can share what I have told you about them with your friends :)

Thank you for visiting my post 💜

 5 months ago 

soooo cute!

 4 months ago 

Nice to hear that you liked the egg carton turtle, thank you :))


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 5 months ago 

Thank you very much @kouba01 for the support :)

 5 months ago 

What creativity, they are beautiful creatures, recently I have one called Roberta, she is very big, I will have to tell my daughter to make a big one haha, unfortunately every day we destroy their habitats and pollution is killing many species, let's take care and protect!


My love Roberta!

 5 months ago 

Nice to meet the beautiful and big Roberta :) I hope they will have a better-living space like you said. I'm sure your daughter will do her best with the cardboard turtle ;)

 5 months ago 

If Roberta is delighted ha ha if my daughter at any time starts doing it for sure, every day she wants to know and learn something different!


Very creative way to convert an old egg box into a turtle. We should all take a leaf out of your book and repurpose instead of throwing them away :) @serap

 5 months ago 

Thank you :) yes, reuse is very important. Moreover, the happiness of producing and creativity is very special :)

Yes @serap Creativity is very catching and it encourages others to do likewise 🌿🦋🍒

 5 months ago 

Hello friend, what a beautiful publication where you put to fly and creativity. I loved this craft, thanks for sharing, successes

 5 months ago 

Hi friend, I'm happy that you liked this work, thanks :)

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