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Hi There.....Would you like to hear another story of mine?

I made my first free-write story a few weeks ago and @xpilar inspired me to make one again with another of his amazing creations. No, he doesn't make objects.....not like a needleworker makes a piece of clothing or when I make a piece of jewelry.....He makes very creative pictures.....Like the one you can see below 😊

picture by @xpilar

So here is the story that came to mind when I saw the picture above 😊

"The world is going crazy," Peter said angrily "There is no more milk left in the supermarket and people are fighting for silly things like toilet paper now". "Haha" Renata laughed "You are such a joker.

"I have never been more serious in my life woman" Peter responded. Renata stood before him and looked him real deep in the eyes trying to see if he was serious or not. Peter smiled briefly, he just couldn't help smiling when she looked at him in this way.

"I knew it" Renata laughed "You are such a funny man." "No, honestly I really am not joking" and he looked at her very seriously. "Really? What happened then?" she asked.

"The stupid Corona" Peter was obviously very upset "That's what's happening," he said, "People are starting to stock up." "Holy shit" she turned and looked at him with wide terrified eyes "Is it really happening. Tell me that it's not true."

They both looked at each other concerned. "I haven't looked at the news today," Renata said, "Did you?" "No, I haven't either" he replied.

So they turned on the television. "Oh my, It is true," Renata said with a line of sweat forming on her forehead. "The light of the world is being strung up in a giant red and green rope," Peter said, "That's it that's the Corona." "Yes" she answered "Soon there will be nothing left but the moon and the stars"

That's my story based on the picture above 😋

Hope you like my blog post.....Until next time.....Have a great day

Renata (Seadbeady)

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thank you for your thoughts and description @seadbeady

And now it is happening in the real world, it is so in Norway today.
Everything closes, and people buy the most they can get now

Indeed I just went to the supermarket and people had to wait at the entrance and for every person that came out another was allowed to go in - never seen anything like it :o

@xpilar always inspired suvh kind of writing. And that's true "the world is going crazy". Thank you very much for your writing .

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He does have inspiring pictures :)

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tx so much :)

Very nice.

We're starting to see strange supply issues here in Wyoming. It's way beyond toilet paper and powdered milk now. Even at Dollar Tree, my husband noticed major disruption and asked - apparently, the delivery that is expected today has disappeared... they can't find the truck. So, it's all very weird.

When this is all over, we all need to take home the lesson of being prepared better - at least six months at all times, not just when we learn of a potentially-deadly virus.

Yes, things are completely unseen at the moment - I sure hope that this craziness ends really soon and we can get back to our normal lives - although I think that is something that we will carry with us in our memories for a long time - feels a bit like a war almost I suppose :o

Yes. One of those memories that marks the time... and us. We will all remember where we were for this pandemic, same as we all remember where we were when the Challenger blew up... or when the Twin Towers collapsed.

Although they do say what doesn't kill you makes you stronger :)

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