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in WORLD OF XPILAR2 years ago

The only way is to be extremely lucky...

To get one you should copy the url of your post and send it as memo with at least 10 steem or 1sbd. This is only possible if voting is active so you should keep an eye out for when the voting isnt paused.

But is incredibly difficult because alot of people are using it so I wish you the best of luck!


@royw thanks for taking your time to reply but what I noticed is that whenever voting is active and I refresh my page it shows "voting paused" and the countdown begins again for atleast 7hours.

But yours is more than been just lucky cause you get upvoted by @tipu almost in all your post i'd love to reach that stage also.

and lastly whenever I send my Steem @tipu is always returning it even though their voting is active....

Reminder for myself that ill help you ;)

Lol it's okay thanks so much 🙏🤗 and I hope you dont forget @royw

I transferred my 10 steem already to @ tipu I hope it doesn't just return it back

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