The importance of creating a space in which we can find peace, tranquility and privacy.

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The importance of creating a space in which we can find peace, tranquility and privacy.

Each space in our home has a certain energy and must have a certain purpose or function, the study function, for example, because as its name says it is to study, so that space must have a certain energy that allows us to concentrate, study, read or work. So, to make our room a space where we can rest and find some privacy, we have to make several changes to be able to do this.

I would like to suggest that you try to remove what does not belong in that space, what do I mean by this, that sometimes there are rooms where they have a jug of water and several glasses, they have many books on the floor, a television and even games video.

The bedroom is not for watching television, it is not for playing video games either, each space must have a function and in the case of the bedroom, what we want is to rest, so analyze those things that are unnecessary in your space.

I had a bookcase that took up a lot of space in the bedroom and when we decided to move the books to the study, which is where the bookcase should go, then we decided to remove that bookcase and you have no idea what a difference it makes in the bedroom, now we can have the bed without any problem because there is no longer something that takes up space and the truth is that the feeling of spaciousness that making this change gave was totally worth it.

Check in your bedroom while you read this, what things you can remove See if you have a piece of furniture that is extra, that you can move to another side of your space or if not completely remove it from your home.

The next step is to check what is on the floor, check if there are chargers that shouldn't be there, if there are cables that could hide dishes under the bed, piles of clothes, shoes I don't know, anything that is in The floor is taking away precious space and even more so if you live in a small apartment or a small house or if your bedroom is small, having things on the floor and extra furniture will take up space.

And in addition to this, they run the risk of having an accident because they can step on these things and trip.

The next step is to check your bureau or your nightstand, see if you have things that shouldn't be there, or if you have things just for decoration, consider moving them to another place, I have plants, but plants give me a lot tranquility and I think they help my space generate this energy to rest.

Many people have the idea that plants hurt you and that you shouldn't sleep with them, plants take out oxygen and very little carbon dioxide at night, but it's nothing compared to what a dog, a cat or a girl takes out. person, so don't worry, you can have plants in your bedroom, absolutely nothing happens.

I also have some cinnamon sticks because the smell of cinnamon helps you rest and find Peace, I have these cinnamon sticks all over the house and I soak them with lavender oil, because lavender oil also helps us to be calm and in this way I can create a space that gives me peace of mind, you can do the same or have a candle that calms you down.

The idea is that they have as little as possible and if they have something on the surface of their furniture, just make sure that they are things that help their bedroom fulfill its function, then they have to be things that relax them that help them find peace and rest.

Another thing that is very important is that we analyze what we have on the walls of our spaces, everything we put on the walls generates visual noise, the idea of ​​a bedroom is that it is a space where we find peace and not that it is a place where we overstimulate, having many pictures on the wall or decorations overstimulates us and makes it more difficult for us to fall asleep.

They should also analyze what colors in their sheets and bedspreads make them feel, colors have an impact on our mood and we have to be very aware of how we are using them.

The ideas that I present here are just an example, everyone is free to decorate their space as they want, and however they feel better, these changes have served me well and have helped me a lot to improve my quality of life; remember that our bedroom is a refuge within our refuge, which is our home, therefore, it must be a place where we find peace, where we can rest and also have privacy.

The idea is that each time we become a little more aware of those things that we have in our space, of how these things affect our state of mind and therefore our quality of life.

Thanks for stopping by my blog, I hope you enjoyed my content. If you have any questions, concerns, concerns or suggestions let me know in the comments section.

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