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Hello, Steemians.

I wish everyone a good day. I hope you are having a great time in the world of Steemit.

I went for a little stroll these days. The places I visited were wonderful. I did some research on coppersmithing and talked to coppersmiths.

History of Coppersmith
The discovery of copper dates back to many years. The first findings as evidence for the discovery of mining were found in Çayönü in Anatolia 10 thousand years ago. We know that later on, we found evidence of copper production and refining at Çatalhöyük.

I will present you a few photos from the Bakırcılar bazaar in Hatay, Turkey.


Photo Owner: @pygmalion34

A watch made of copper. This watch really intrigued me. I think copper was used with forging techniques. It is decorated inside.

Photo Owner: @pygmalion34


Jug made of copper.

bakır 3 foti.jpeg

The result obtained using the untreated and then forging technique of copper

I spoke to the coppersmith. He continues a profession and tradition inherited from his grandfather. He was doing tattoo techniques.
Of course, I heard that the profession of Coppersmith is declining and it is the last person.

Photo Owner: @pygmalion34


Rolling machine used in gold and silversmithing.


Cylinder machine used in gold and silversmithing.

  1. Photograph: The machines used to turn various metals into wire and plate are called rolling mills.
  2. Photograph : We know that the roller machine is the machine used to bend parts into cylindrical (round, tube) shapes.

Both machines are used very often. We can say that it is a very helpful machine in gold and silver embroidery. Shaping, bending etc. handles the functions.

Yes, coppersmithing, gold and silver crafts still continue today, but this profession is getting less and less in Hatay. Because people are now concentrating on different businesses commercially.

That's it for today, we talked about copper, gold and silver works and the materials they use.

I hope it piqued your interest.
Do not forget to ask your questions.

Good day everyone again, best regards.

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Nice to see artisans at their work

It certainly is, it's more intimate.

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 last year 

Beautiful. Especially the clock.

Yes indeed, it is a watch made of copper.

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