Ecuador’s “lost frogs” - Mission 16



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This is the new account “Planetwild” by @stef1 and @myskye. This account is about collecting Steem for the PlanetWild project. That's why I'm going to post once a day. Everything we get together here (Steem, SBD, SP) goes to the project. Then let's see what we can do here...


So dear Steem community, the 16th mission is here and I have not so much time. I have to watch Poland : Netherlands. It is currently 1:2 :-)


Frogs are fascinating creatures that belong to the order Anura. With over 6,000 known species, they can be found in a wide range of habitats all over the world, from tropical rainforests to backyards and ponds.
Frogs have a unique life cycle, starting as eggs laid in water, hatching into tadpoles that undergo metamorphosis to become adult frogs. They play an important role in ecosystems, serving as both predators and prey for other animals, and their populations are often used as indicators of environmental health.

According to conservationists, the decline of certain frog populations has been alarming, with many species disappearing at an unprecedented rate. Habitat destruction, climate change, disease, and human activities.


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Ecuador’s “lost frogs” - Mission 16




Frogs are the beating heart of wild ecosystems all over the world, playing an important role as both predator and prey. But with climate change, habitat loss, and a deadly fungus, they’re vanishing at an alarming rate.

Frogs are now among the most endangered species on this planet. Some types of frogs haven’t been seen in decades, with no known surviving population, making them “possibly extinct” species. These are the so-called “lost” frogs.

Enter the “Ark of the Frogs” or Centro Jambatu, our mission partner. They’re revolutionizing amphibian conservation, with the goal of locating and breeding endangered and lost species to rebuild their populations. Thanks to our Planet Wild members, we were able to fund 50 days of field expeditions, to find endangered and lost species. Additionally, we provided funding for one year of reproduction and breeding. This could not only save endangered species from extinction but also bring back species once thought to be lost.




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This would be unfair. Frogs dying?!

 last month 

Great cause. Good job.

Hola. Las ranas de estos medios tropicales suelen ser muy coloridas y a la vez venenosas. Tengo entendido que los nativos frotan las puntas de sus cerbatanas en la piel de estas ranas lo que les permite cazar aves y monos.

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