The walls have stopped fighting back...

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This photo is 7 years old and I took it because... well, simply put, it was funny and I could imagine the surprise of someone standing there urinating... 😊
To understand it well: the walls of this building were coated with a special coating that was moisture-resistant. To put it more vividly... the wall just peed back!

Coincidentally, I was in the area yesterday and of course, I was curious to see if those signs were still there. They weren't. They were gone.
So, I assume that the effectiveness of that coating is limited over time, or that there are simply no urinating passersby or the wall peed on the wrong guy 😉
And yes... I hesitated, but I didn't try it. You never know, and I didn't want wet pant legs and shoes 😂

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hahahaha, I suppose some understand the complete opposite hahahaha, that's the reason it's no longer there, they finished it and in what way hahahaaha

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