Sunset on the Styx…

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Although it's a magnificent sight, this photo proves that we've been lied to for centuries! All this time, they've tried to make us believe that Charon was the one ferrying the souls of the deceased across the Styx. So, there would have been only one ferryman...

Personally, I've always doubted this story. How could one man transport all those souls by himself? That's a 24/7 job... he couldn't possibly manage it alone!
But thanks to this photo, there's now evidence that Charon isn't alone. It's simply a very large team dividing the tasks!

And again, fake news! 😉

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hahahaha, I could say that you are right, it is too much work, I like the image, people are afraid of dying and from the moment we come to life we will die, I accept death since I cannot change it, much less avoid it.

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