My little AI experiment...

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It had to happen at some point, right? Everyone is talking about AI, and as a photographer, I wanted to try something too...
You might recognize the image above. Yes, indeed, it's a heavily edited image I made in Gimp and LR based on 2 photos I took myself...
I specifically took this photo because it's a well-known street in my city and likely familiar to most AI engines...
So, I expected a fairly similar result when I asked Bing Designer the following question...

"A view of the Kaasrui in Antwerp, looking away from the city hall, sitting behind the wheel of an Amilcar, clear, crisp, and realistic."

And this was the result:


Well, it's special, that's for sure. Beautiful and fun, but completely out of line with my vision... Especially the first image where my faithful Amilcar has apparently become an amphibious vehicle 😊

So, I decided to give it another go, this time in Dutch because I thought it would work better in a Dutch-speaking Bing. For your information, the name of the street, Kaasrui, refers to the time when it was a street where a lot of cheese was traded...
And now, the result was this:


Rarely have I laughed so much! The cheese is taken quite literally here 😊
I think for now, I'll stick to my edits in Gimp... but if I want a good laugh, I'll definitely use AI again 😉

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hahahahaha, that cheese looks a little strange hahahaha, your car can't even be seen, well yes, under all that cheese hahahaha.
I wish you a happy weekend

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