May I introduce you...

in WORLD OF XPILAR2 years ago


... to my most loyal assistant Dexter, the serial killer 😁

When my wife and I go on vacation, we regularly take long walks. The ideal moments to take pictures.

Every time I isolate myself during such a walk to photograph something or someone, Dexter wants to follow me, that's why I call him my most loyal assistant ...

I took this photo at the end of the day, after a very long walk, when we took a break before returning to the hotel.
As you can see, Dexter was the most tired of all. He was hiding under a coat on my lap and didn't want to get out of it anymore. However, when I kept calling him, he only showed his nose, he couldn't open his eyes 😂

I posted a color version of this photo before, but since I am currently (still) in my color splash period, I couldn't resist re-editing it. And, to be honest, there's nothing better than that little nose to color splash 😉

Oh, and for those of you who only swear by expensive cameras ... these were shot with my phone. I had to because… it was quite difficult to correctly aim my D750 with wide angle with Dexter on my lap 😉

God, how I love Lightroom and Gimp!

You liked this post?

Right you are 😉

Just follow me here to make sure you don’t miss any new work. As you can see below, you will be in good company... my 3 skinny friends are waiting for you 😉


BTW: I will not ask you to upvote my posts… deep down inside you know you have to 😉

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 2 years ago 

the serial killer ... very likely :Р

 2 years ago 

Absolutely... the serial (silent) killer 😉😂

 2 years ago 

What a horror ... you close your bedroom door for the night? :D

Got to love a snout like that!

 2 years ago 

Isn't it? 🙃👍

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 2 years ago 

As always really appreciated, thanks a lot to both of you 👍

His furry friend looks very warm, I see his nose and I remember my brother making jokes when my nose was cold, he said (FELIPE has a dog's nose).
Happy day :)

 2 years ago 

Thanks for passing by 👍

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