Before the sun rises – Diary April 16 – 2021

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Welcome. I'm starting this new project today, of photographing 1001 sunrises...

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I live on a dead-end street. It has no exit for cars, nor does it give access to other streets, but at the end, there is a trail that leads to the beach passing through a wildlife conservation area.

In this first sequence, at 6 o'clock sharp, we can see the first lights and a string of moon in the sky, right above where the star king will emerge.

This trail goes up and down some dunes, but the beach and the ocean are not far away, just a 5-minute walk.

At this moment, the first rays of sun should be beginning to reflect on the clouds to the south, turning them pink.

I usually go out early to surf. I practice the sport known as bodysurfing, which consists of gliding on the waves using only your own body, without board.

At 6:27 am there were only a few moments left.

On many occasions, I witnessed beautiful dawn followed by a wonderful sunrise, but I was not always able to register the moment, as I left the house barefoot, wearing only my trunks and with my flippers in my hands.

It has always impressed me how almost every day the universe can provide us with visions of rare beauty, magic, and inspiration, but we are almost always not aware, and this whole mystery goes unnoticed. low tide the gentle waves play, spreading and receding, reflecting a little light

And now the star finally begins to emerge...

So I had the idea to start taking my iPhone 5s with me in a small bag, to photograph these scenes, just before entering the sea, and that's how I started this project.

These moments that are divine to me would not be erased forever, I decided to start this endeavor, and in this way show other people a little bit of all this daily gift of nature.

I hope my goal will be crowned with success and I will be able to reach my 1001 sunrises as soon as possible. And I hope you enjoy it.

All the photos in this were taken daily by me using an iPhone 5s. No color filter or enhancement adjustment has been added.


This is a really cool project - and I like the 1001 goal, it's super ridiculous to achieve 1001 photographed sunrises but since there are 365 days in a year I imagine even if it takes you a decade, who wouldn't want to see that many sunrises? Especially since you live in that dope spot! Not gonna lie, might have to do something similar since I live on the river here in Texas!

Yea! It is impossible to photograph the sunrise every day. In addition to those cloudy and rainy days, there is our natural laziness that prevents us. But I will try to keep pace 3 or 4 times a week. It should take over a decade and I will be over 50 when I complete this goal. But it is something that I want to try, besides it does a huge good for health and for the spirit to wake up early, exercise, and contemplate these wonders of nature. I'm glad my idea inspired you to do something like that too. Good luck. Thanks. A hug.

Godspeed my friend! I'll be following along.

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