The digital image of the day is made according to my own imagination and thoughts (his story writing competence (116).

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The digital image of the day is made according to my own imagination and thoughts (his story writing competence (116).

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In a mountainous area near the Santo Angel in Venezuela in the state of Bolivar live a large number of families who depend on agriculture and livestock that develop in the place thanks to the fertile land and nature that composes it with abundant water from the springs that comes out of the mountain makes the perfect combination to get very good products to feed and sell to the market.

Throughout the day you can see visitors from all parts of the country and other countries come and enjoy nature and take pictures of the Santo Angel, the highest in the world where you can also enjoy the typical foods of the place such as cachapas with cheese and fried pork and pies made of corn with different fillings, the famous lemon juice with lemon and of course the stuffed arepas.

In this place they harvest corn, bananas, cattle, pigs, goats, cheese and different types of vegetables and greens thanks to the fertile soil and abundant water in the place that makes these crops and animal husbandry products are easier and very healthy for human consumption.

But for months now, very strange lights have been observed late at night over the mountain, which scares the inhabitants because at certain times strange noises and moans are heard, as well as a woman crying and this makes people lock themselves in their homes in fear of encountering a fright and only come out when the roosters crow to warn of the dawn and the arrival of a new day.

Days later a very strong light was observed illuminating the top of the mountain and this disturbed the animals and the dogs began to bark desperately but no one came out of fear, only 3 people who are hunters that when they see deer in the mountains during the day they go out at night to hunt.

At dawn the farmers in their work of collecting the harvest that is ready to consume and sell, found a deer with its head cut very finely and without its organs only left ribs, legs and the back of the animal, these remains were taken to the slaughterhouse and the workers noted that they do not know techniques or have tools to cut with such accuracy, these remains were buried.

A week later, several large adult deer were observed drinking water in a lagoon near the village and the hunters' families told the hunters, but when they went to the lagoon, the hunters were no longer there.

At nine o'clock at night the hunters gathered in a house and went out each one with sharp arrows to catch several deer because if they used a shotgun and managed to hit one deer, the rest would disappear.

When they reached the top of the mountain they observed several deer and each fisherman silently took a different place one from the other and with the arrows pointing they made a signal and released the arrows and managed to mortally wound two adult deer and the others were frightened and fled much deeper into the mountain.

But the strange thing happened because when they were loading the deer and leaving the place they heard animals running and it turned out to be a herd of deer running towards them when they were about to return home and the hunter took advantage of the situation and was able to hit a deer.

But the scare was great when a very strong and phosphorescent light began to be seen at the top of the mountain and these hunters hid in a bush to see what was happening and it turned out to be a ship in the shape of a saucer and from it came out a set of lights of different colors and a kind of pyramid was observed at the top of the mountain. One of the hunters took a picture of what they were seeing and this caused all the lights to go out and the flying saucer to leave the place very quickly.

The hunters were a little scared and waited for a while in the hiding place and then they went out and each one took the deer they could catch and returned home as fast as possible when they arrived home the relatives were scared because again the dogs were scared and the hunter showed the picture to his relatives and they were surprised and got more scared, but the scare did not last long because they started to prepare the deer to cook and keep it while they drank hot coffee at a little after midnight.

At dawn when these hunters go to their workplaces their companions asked what they had seen and they told what happened and this frightened the villagers of the village that is near the mountains and the hunter who took the picture shared the photo of what he observed and it traveled throughout the village and the state of Bolivar.

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