The digital image of the day is made according to my own imagination and thoughts (his story writing competence (109).

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The digital image of the day is made according to my own imagination and thoughts (his story writing competition (109).


Near a fishermen's island a few kilometers away there is a natural phenomenon that mysteriously the boats and much less the fishermen's boats cannot pass through that area because they run the risk of sinking by the force of the waves and the warmth of the water.

The inhabitants of the island say that in that area there are volcanoes under the water and that there are water currents that come out from below that make it impossible to pass through the area because it is very risky for the boats and their crew due to the size of the waves and the force which leads to the fact that when they hit the boats they are immediately damaged in their structure.

This area has more than a century like this and all generations say that you should not go through there since several fishermen have drowned and disappeared in that place trying to fish near those waters since it is said that there are several corals where they are You can easily catch all kinds of fish and shellfish without the need to navigate to deeper water.

But a fisherman, accompanied by an aquatic researcher, discovered how to get to these corals without risking his life and his boat and has to sail three hours longer than normal in a larger boat with several engines to be able to overcome the force of the waves.

But this fisherman in his boat has several cellars with ice to keep the fish in good condition until he gets home, since he travels a day before and sleeps in the boat near the corals to take advantage of the calm water early in the morning. to fish better and more calmly and to be able to get the best marine species from the place.

But the last fishing trip he could not fish since the waters were very rough and he had to leave the place and sail another hour to protect his boat and without knowing it he discovered a small solitary island but when he saw his surroundings on the shore there was a large quantity of crabs and he began to take out very large crabs and when his assistants submerged themselves in the water with diving suits and with harpoons they discovered a gigantic coral full of fish and different marine species.

And the fishing began where they took out many large lobsters, octopus, squid, with the use of the nets they took out shrimp and prawns after filling several shellfish cellars they began to fish fish with the small tuna called amberjack, snapper, corocoro and the famous Catalan a red fish but its meat is very white and tasty.

Once the cellars were filled with marine species, they decided to rest and entered the small island and the fisherman and his assistants were surprised by such a beautiful island with such calm waters with such a beautiful landscape.

In the small walk through the small island they heard how the fish collided with the boat under the water and for the first time they could see the famous flying fish pass over the boat as if it were swimming, the fisherman with a camera began to take photos of this magical place that He will visit every two days to fish to be able to support his family, but above all he fell in love with the beautiful landscape and the clear and calm waters that relaxed them and helped them recover from fatigue to leave on the trip back home.

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Great story

Tank you @panksero

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