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Marine Laboratory.

In a coastal area of ​​the Caribbean there have been problems in the sea since the fish in that area populated by fishermen have disappeared and the water has become very salty and with an inappropriate smell and for this reason these fishermen asked for help from institutions of oceanographic research to give you an answer to the situation that is happening.

The one who responded to the call was the oceanographic institute of the Eastern University of Venezuela with the launch of an innovative and futuristic project that will allow the study of marine life more closely through image-capturing equipment and real-time video producer and sensors. of movements to detect any event or marine species that is affecting the marine ecosystem.

This design is very advanced and promises to obtain expected results, the construction of the prototype was started on land and then with the use of a boat, it was placed on the bases.

Once all the equipment had been assembled and installed, the bases were installed on the seabed to assemble or install the marine laboratory project, all the rigorous protocols were ready one Saturday morning and the large marine research laboratory was installed. where it was transferred in a large boat to the site where the bases were placed and with the use of a crane the laboratory was submerged and installed on the bases.

That same day, this laboratory began to analyze seawater samples every hour to analyze its contents and composition and the studies began and produced worrying results where the water was chemically altered and an industrial chemist was established.

A week later, a mini submarine was put to the test for the research institute to check the seabed and see where that industrial chemical that is altering the chemical composition of the water in that area of ​​the Caribbean comes from.

After two weeks of searching the seabed, he finally found the source of the problem and simply that at the bottom of the ocean there were several barrels of industrial waste and two of them were broken and that chemical is contaminated with seawater.

The next day the same boat that installed the laboratory with the use of a mesh and the crane with the collaboration of the university's chemistry department, following the protocols, began to remove the barrels from the water to place them on the boat.

That same day that chemical that was in the barrels was analyzed and it turned out that it is so strong that it produces allergies and skin irritation and causes lung collapse due to the strong smell, for that reason the fish emigrated to other places since they found dead fish already that the barrels were near a coral that is deserted and burned by this chemical.

Three weeks after removing all the barrels from the sea, the water began to recover its normal chemical state and took the temperature of the marine environment.
And the movement detection equipment of the marine laboratory began to locate large weights in the affected waters, thanks to this laboratory 3 weeks after detecting the presence of fish, the fishermen began to fish and thanks to the daily study of the laboratory many fishermen today can have a life normal and able to work and support their families, this achievement turned this new laboratory into the salvation of the marine ecosystem in the Caribbean.


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