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After days of a lot of work and stress I took a few days off and what better way than to visit my friend José who, thanks to his efforts, managed to build a tourist destination in front of his house where you can take all your family and friends to spend a pleasant time listening to music and enjoying the traditional gastronomy of the place and a very good and excellent musical atmosphere to enjoy.

After talking to my friend José on the phone, I was able to get accommodation for my wife and family for 4 days to spend a long weekend on the beach and enjoy the benefits of nature that the sea offers us.

When my wife and family arrived on Thursday, we went to the beach house that we rented to enjoy a weekend at the beach, the road trip was half an hour when we arrived we left the things in the rented house and we we went for a morning beach swim.

After two hours of bathing, hunger struck us and we went to a lady named Rosa, very famous in the place for her empanadas since she has an extraordinary seasoning to make the fish, meat and chicken empanadas and especially the famous pabellón empanadas. they are very tasty.

Then we went for a walk on the shore of the beach to contemplate the landscape and see the fishermen arrive in boats after a fishing activity bringing the different fish that occur in the area and that are bought by the local inhabitants and owners. from small restaurants on the beach.

At lunchtime they invited us to eat fish soup in the house where we rented and it was very tasty because they use fresh fish of the day and said soup sent us to sleep, after rest we woke up and went to a restaurant on the edge of the river. beach to eat.

From the restaurant you can eat and appreciate the beautiful landscape at the beginning of the afternoon, it was a unique experience since we were eating and at the same time enjoying that sunset on the shore of the beach, enjoying exquisite food and good music, all that remained was to live the moment and take some pictures to remember this pleasant sunset.

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Excellent story

Thank you @panksero

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