Your Support is Awaited for Turkey Earthquake Donation

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Today was a dark day for Turkey. One of the biggest earthquakes in the history of the country took place. Last night at 04:17, the earthquake with the epicenter in Gaziantep occurred with a magnitude of 7.7, and even worse, 32 aftershocks up to 6.6 magnitudes have been experienced since yesterday. Another 7.6 magnitude earthquake occurred during the daylight hours. Hundreds of buildings were destroyed in 10 provinces such as Kahramanmaraş, Gaziantep, Adana, Hatay, Osmaniye Kilis, Adıyaman, Malatya, Diyarbakır, and Kayseri. The initial data from official sources is rather frightening. there are 1541 deaths, but unfortunately, this figure is thought to be much higher. According to the figures given by the Vice President, the number of buildings destroyed in this earthquake is 3471. For this reason, it is very possible that the loss of life will increase even more. In addition, dozens of people who have lost their homes have to spend the coldest days of winter on the streets.


One of the worst aspects of this earthquake is that the earthquake is not in a single center. Even if aid was given to earthquake cities from the provinces of the region, other countries were also asked for help due to the severity of the earthquake. Currently, aids such as blankets, clothes, diapers, and canned food, etc. are collected throughout the country. However, there is also a need for cash in the earthquake zone. Since I know the support of the Steemit family on social issues, I will ask for your support in this post. I will donate all of the income from this post to AHBAP and AFAD, one of the most reliable aid organizations in the country. I will also share the donation receipt after the donation is made. Our pain as a country is great and we need all kinds of support.

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Hi @ozenozge and @serap, it is a horrible news wake us up this morning. I have shared that in our Discord and we will add this post to Booming support of WOX too. Hope will be more people joining.

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Thank you for support dear @stef1

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How terrible what you are going through, my condolences, my small town is full of many of your countrymen friends, we are already collecting clothes in good condition and many things, some friends have lost contact with their families, we are attentive, we can surely collaborate.


Thank you, dear,. Your support from a corner of the world makes us even more emotional. It is very difficult to heal the wounds, but we will support those who survived this disaster as much as possible.

So sad... I am very sorry I can't help you – all my free money are directed to donations to Armed Forces of Ukraine who fight for our lives and freedom with russion aggressors.
But here are my votes at least and votes from the community curation account I run.
Stay strong...

Even feeling your support in this way is valuable to us.

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It is a very bad day for our country, it is very sad... I fully support your donation idea and I will share a support post as soon as possible. Dear @stef1, I would be very pleased if you read and support this post, thank you.

Yes, it is. It's so hurtful. This pain bears the heart.

Hello @ozenozge. Post and post and post again with links to all the posts. I'll do what I can.

Hello David, it was a terrible week. Creating content for Steemit has been tough for me this week. My mind and heart were with the survivors in the earthquake area. We went through a very difficult time as a country and I couldn't pull myself together.

My condolences! I've seen terrible footage of houses collapsing, cities collapsing!

Yes, unfortunately. The news from the earthquake area is very frightening and very sad.

Es terrible y muy lamentable lo que está pasando en estos dos países por el terremoto, sean perdido muchas vidas, mis más sincera condolencia.

Thank you for your condolences, it is such a great and unbearable pain.


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