I'm Back and A Little Update 🔙 😊

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Hello, dear friends.

I know it's been a while since I last wrote. I hope to be more active from now on. You see, there was a catastrophic earthquake in Turkey, followed by an important election. These two significant events have had a great impact on me. The country's agenda, as well as my own, became quite hectic, and to be honest, I had to prioritize Steemit less during this time.

IMG-20230521-WA0040 (1).jpg

From Büşra's Engagement

I will talk about what I have done during this period. Actually, my days were quite simple and ordinary. However, some important events did occur. Let me start with the most significant one. My cousin, @busraca, got engaged. As a result, I had to visit Samsun again. The engagement party took place at home, and only family members were invited. Büşra looked stunning on that day, and witnessing her engagement filled me with deep emotions.

If you know me even a little bit, you definitely know how much I love animals, especially cats. Even though I don't have a pet at my own home, I consider Büşra's cats as my own. Our family recently welcomed a new addition when a stray cat came to our house, and we decided to adopt her. It turned out she was pregnant, and soon enough, we had four adorable little kittens joining our family. If there's anything I love more than cats, it's definitely kittens. So, I couldn't miss the opportunity to talk about these little creatures.

20230519_124922 (1).jpg

New Family Members😻

That sums up my last few months. I understand that not much extraordinary happened, but there were some really challenging days. The earthquake period, in particular, felt like a never-ending nightmare. It dampened my motivation to create content. However, these days I'm feeling a bit better, and I hope to regain the consistency in my writing.

Thank you for taking the time to read my update.🙃


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Thank you for your support☺️

 11 months ago 

Welcome back! It can be difficult to get back into the swing of things and I hope you find the motivation 👋🏻

Thank you @the-gorilla. I hope it too

Nice post and this is about the group of a wedding picture. Such a nice pic and these are busca and buscara. This must be in a 5 star hotel. With few guests. They also have two pictures of pets and they are adorable pets.

Thanks dear firend

 11 months ago 

Hey hey
Good to see you back, we have missed you

Sending good vibes from me here in NZ to you

Love the kittens

Hi @kiwiscanfly ! Good to see you. I've already felt the good vibes ☺️

 11 months ago 

Your return is the best news today. Nice to see your post again. Your country had to experience a terrible disaster. Wounds take a long time to heal.

Hi @o1eh. It's nice to see you again too. Yes, unfortunately, these days were catastrophic. The only thing to do is take some measurements to prevent such huge damage.

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