A Colorful Nail Art 💅🏻🎨

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Hello there, dear friends,

Indeed, the scorching heat of July can be quite challenging, especially with temperatures exceeding 40 degrees in Antalya. It's understandable that staying indoors is the best option during such hot weather. Finding enjoyable activities to do at home is a great idea!

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My Nail Art💅🏻🎨

Trying out nail art sounds like a fun and creative way to spend your day. It's a fantastic way to express yourself and add some flair to your appearance. Since I have already started doing nail art, I decided to photograph the steps and share them with you. Since it's summer, I wanted to do something colorful and chirpy, so I chose my dark pink, light pink, orange, yellow, and green nail polishes.

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All Products which I Used

First of all, I will talk about the products I used for this nail art project. The nail polishes in the colors I mentioned before, water in a small bowl, toothpick, cotton wool, acetone and Vaseline.

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I used white nail polish as a base color.

Now let me explain step by step how to make this nail art. First, I painted my nails with white nail polish. You can use a different color here if you want, but I recommend using a light color.

Then I put Vaseline on the edges of my nails so that we can easily wipe off the excess nail polish after dipping our fingers in water. Here, it would make more sense to Vaseline one finger at a time and then dip it in water with nail polish.

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After dropping the nail polish into the water

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After distributing the nail polish dripped in water with a toothpick

The preparation phase is over and now we start the actual process. We drop the nail polishes of the colors we have chosen into the container with cold water respectively. The trick here is that the nail polishes are fresh. Nail polishes close to drying make the job difficult as they will not drip into the water and disperse.

After this stage, it is necessary to act very quickly. With the help of a toothpick, we distribute the nail polish and mix the colors. I can say that this place is similar to marbling. After we get the shape we want, we dip our fingers into this nail polish water mixture. After carefully wiping the nail polishes smeared on the fingers with acetone, we complete the nail art by moving to the next finger.

Above you can see the finished nail art I made. I hope you liked it.

Thank you for reading 😊

 11 months ago 

40 degrees yikes - i hope you have air con

Its around 14 degrees here today

Ohh I'm melting from the heat🫠. I have air conditioning but it makes me sick. Please teleport me there.

 11 months ago 

Maybe we should meet in Australia - Its winter there and they have sunny 25 degree days in Winter.

One of my biggest dreams is to visit Australia one day. I would love for this offer to come true lol.


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