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For a long time combating spam in steemit was a very difficult task Uff I remember ghost accounts and the vote farm was the daily bread for many users more than all for large investors where they created several ghost accounts and only published a simple photo and they gave a vote above 50$ to 100$ for investors this was a good business since they paid themselves and they were given the change.

Thanks to the vote farm, the price of steem decreased more than it should at that time, the old steemit team gave priority to fighting spam by giving delegations to a group of users that would be in charge of ending the vote farms, In my case, I was about to be part of one of the anti-spam team, but at that time I lacked a good internet and I was more disconnected than active.

I don't know what work or what mentality will the user who is creating as many fake accounts as I show in the image below

Behind these accounts there may be 1 or more users creating many accounts and for what purpose, at this moment I ask myself some of these questions.

  • My question is where is the team that was in charge of fighting spam?
  • Why does the new steemit team not take action on this matter?
  • Are you watching the vote farm?

Of these 3 questions I only have the answer for one of them but you will already know which one it is.


Is it possible for you to create a task force that will guard against spam and the vote farm?
I am willing to help in the process if you agree.
Or you can choose a group of users that you consider to be responsible and efficient in the work that they are willing to give.

By the way excuse my grammar is that English is not my original language.


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