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Today morning I had to do some shopping at the nearby mall. I had gone alone, I do not prefer to go shopping with anyone, because I take very long to select my stuff, I look at all the options in the place and then finalize on what I have to pick up. Not everyone has the patience to go through with me, so it's better I do my stuff alone at my own leisure time :-)

When I reached the Mall I had a pleasant surprise of seeing some of the finest luxury cars. Usually this place has something or the other on display, but these Cars were a real big surprise to see, which otherwise I would see only in the MI and Bond movies :-)

Check them out and let me know what you think of it. Do you want to own one. Well owning any such car is not my wish at all, even if I would have loads of money and if I am in a position to afford it, I do not think I will go for it. I find this type of expense a waste of money, I would rather put that money to a good cause. But ya, I would not mind a test drive for sure once. It would just be an experience of a lifetime.

Let me give you a peek into the display. I do not understand much of it, all I can do is look at it and enjoy the beauty of it.

A McLaren at display. The one I liked the most



The other one that I liked was the Lamborghini. Looks super cool



This Porsche is top of the range but not as fanciful compared to others.


Loved this Red Beauty Ferrari. While seeing this Car, I remembered reading a few days ago that some person tried to do a barbeque with the flames from the car exhaust and the car caught on fire. So foolish of people to do such things. No value of money, or overload of money I guess.


Simple and Classy Mercedes


And this BMW has been put up as a Prize for some contest. I did not bother to see what contest it was, as I had no interest in even trying it out. But whoever gets it, will surely be one lucky person.


Hope you all enjoyed this display, especially the Car lovers :-)

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Wow, So many beautiful cars, Lamborghini it's my dream car. I wish I could. 🙂

I wish with your Cryptos some day you can buy your dream car :-)

Last one is BMW, I guess! All cars are fabulous, anyone will be ready to take a test drive. If you get a chance then do jot forget to invite me my dear friend @nainaztengra 😃❤️

Yes last one is BMW. No test drive :-(. else I would have surely gone for it :-) Never to miss such opportunities.

Certainly! No one wants to miss that opportunity 😃❤️ @nainaztengra

If i had money , i would use it fir something good. We can induce someone else to buy it so that we have our rides 😆.

True, if I would have that kind of money, I may still not buy it. But depends, if I was born with that kind of money, I would have a different outlook, but born in a middle class family, now if I get money, I may still not go for it. Rather as you say, convince someone to buy and then enjoy the drives :-)

Wow your post is very great. I like your post very much.

Thank you

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