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RE: Mushroom Blooming Flowers in Aceh Forest

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Best discovery sir, I have a little information about Lingzhi Mushroom. I've read that when I was at school, this lingzhi mushroom in Latin is called Ganoderma Lucidum, a lot of Chinese people who consume this mushroom for their health. In China, Korea, Japan we can get this mushroom, even most other Asian countries including Indonesia also exist.. Rich in benefits, including longevity (youthful , ☺️wkwkwk)

Other benefits:

  1. Boost immunity
  2. Can relieve pain such as rheumatic diseases
  3. Can lower blood pressure and reduce allergies
  4. Can help us sleep better, 😴😴😪

Well, what friends need to know is that this Lingzhi mushroom base extract is basically mushroom powder which is dried or we can say it is ground, which makes it about 10 times more potent than the original mushroom, this means that the dosage strength of 5g extract Lingzhi mushrooms are almost equivalent to approximately 50g of fresh, whole mushrooms. But, to be safer, it is better to consult a doctor before consuming it.

Thank you for your attention.. if there are still errors, it's because I still lack knowledge..please understand ☺️☺️🙏

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