Weekly challenge on Steem!!! Food photo / Week #40

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Hi everybody! Всем привет! Hola a todos! Bonjour à tous! Hallo allerseits! Поздрав свима!




p r e s e n t s

Weekly food photo #40

Тhe week passed much as the week before had done and that means it's time to take stock of our weekly food photo contest.
This time you sent in not so many photos. That mean the jury could easy choose the best ones. After short disputes and doubts, we chose the group of photos we liked the most!

To begin with, we want to congratulate our champion @dianadee, who got our most powerful upvote.
Prize 2 Steem
Our congratulations!

Colourful Dessert Collage

Now the time has come to reward the authors whose photos were included in the collage in the top of the post. The first one is... is... is... a participant @xaviduran
Prize is 4 Steem!
Our congratulations!

the popular spanish "gazpacho", a cold tomato soup

Silver goes unconditionally to the participant @zaria56
3 steem

У меня таким и был завтрак - прямо с куста в саду

Bronze goes to @petface
2.5 steem

Sunday Lunch in the Pub

We welcome the photo of the participant @bellana
We also welcome her geometric motif.
2 steem


We liked the photo from the participant @leylar
1.5 steem

Strawberry Cake Roll

Hi @ruta-rudens! Yes, we liked your enry!
1 steem

Chocolate glazed dried fruit dessert

Hi @raah! Yes, we liked your enry!
1 steem

It is a popular dish for drinkers in Korea

Hi @manuelgil64! Yes, we liked your enry!
1 steem

Celebrating Father's Day

We conclude the review with a photo from participant @mariarosa27
1 steem


That,s all for today. Nothing else caught our attention

Competition start on 07 of July and ends on 14 of July (payout time)

The basic rules:

  • Upvote, Resteem the initial post or Update post
  • Use only your own photos! Any attempt to steal other's work is considered a serious infraction, we will cancel yours qualification permanently
  • Add photo to initial post. The photo can be on any topic, of any quality. No restrictions (except violence and porn)
  • A participant cannot upvote his own photo

It's very easy! Grab your smartphones and take photos of everything edible around you! I am waiting for your photos!


We need sponsors!

And... we need some steem for prizes

| @steemcurator01 | @stephenkendal | @seo-boss |
Please support this challenge!

That,s all for today!

Stand by

Sincerely yours




В такую изнуряющую жару ничего не хочется, кроме как холодного вина и фруктов. Молодое португальское вино Lago (белое, полусухое) выпускается в бутылке голубоватого цвета, словно намекая на прохладу родников. И хотя в описании заявлется, что вино имеет ярко выраженный оттенок фруктов : груша, персик, абрикос, личи, ананас, маракуйя и папайя, а также цветов, на мой личный вкус в нем явно чувствуется оттенок минеральной воды и сухого вина. Это очень освежает.


 6 months ago 


Rojas y deliciosas cerezas @veta-less

 6 months ago 

В какой сетке продается ЛАГО?

Перекресток, у вас есть такие? Сейчас на него скидка хорошая...499 вместо 770.

 6 months ago 

дороговато для молодого вина(((((

Wow 🤗

@mister-omortson, примите на конкурс первое фото "Бокал вина с клубникой".

"Lithuanian cold soup "😊


Как же я хочу его попробовать!! Рядом с работой ресторан литвоской кухни, так хочу на след. неделе зайти) у них в меню есть )

😊 холодник хорош в летний зной! Традиционное домашнее блюдо

 6 months ago 

Выглядит красиво!

😊 красочно -свекольно!

I like the color.

Thanks 😊

My participation.


 6 months ago 

Hi @mister-omortson! I would like to enter this week’s food contest with this gourmet seafood main course photo of mine. Here’s also a link to my original post: Simmer On A Plate

Gilthead bream and crab beignet in elderflower juice on a bed of yellow and red tomatoes grown on the Isle of Wight.

Hello everybody, this is my entry:


This delicious dessert is called tocino de cielo and is made with egg yolks.

 6 months ago 

Transfer 2.000 STEEM to dianadee winner-winner chicken dinner
Transfer 4.000 STEEM to xaviduran Food photo #40 gold
Transfer 3.000 STEEM to zaria56 Food photo #40 silver
Transfer 2.500 STEEM to petface Food photo #40 bronz
Transfer 2.000 STEEM to bellana Food photo #40
Transfer 1.500 STEEM to leylar Food photo #40
Transfer 1.000 STEEM to ruta-rudens Food photo #40
Transfer 1.000 STEEM to raah Food photo #40
Transfer 1.000 STEEM to manuelgil64 Food photo #40
Transfer 1.000 STEEM to mariarosa27 Food photo #40

Felicidades a todos los ganadores,Acá mi participación con estas bellezas de mini donas y ponquesitos motivo de mujer maravilla.


Thanks @mister-omortson. Here is my entry for this week

Chicken Meatballs in Peanut Butter Sauce


Se ve delicioso amigo @manuelgil64.

My food photography!


Like red bulbs 😍.

my entry

Waffles with banana and honey 😋😋😋


Exquisito Pabellón Criollo

Que rico me encanta el pabellón criollo típico de Venezuela.

Tenía mucho tiempo que no lo preparaba y gracias a Dios tomé la fotografía para ésta ocasión. Bendiciones.

Bendecido día amiga @nena10 que bien excelente, si hay que aprovechar estos momentos y más tenemos que estar tomando fotos para después publicar no hay que desperdiciar. Un abrazo.

#affable #venezuela #onepercent

Mi comida preferida.

Es un plato exquisito. Bendiciones

Delicioso con todo incluído @nena10


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Wow.. thanks @mister-omortson for coming first. Such a surprise too :) Thanks for 2 steem - appreciate :)
Congratulations to other winning entries too!

Hi my food photo


Hola @mister-omortson por aquí dejo mi participación!


Trifle de Chocolate.

This Made With Mango



Muchas Gracias @mister-omortson
Felicitaciones a todos los ganadores!

Buenos días @mister-omortson acá dejo este rico platillo preparado con mis propias manos, carne frita, arroz blanco, tostones y ensalada de tomate y cebolla 😋 me quedo realmente riquísimo.

Feliz y Bendecido día 💕


Saludos, Un placer participar en este concurso. @royscupcakes

Una de mis elaboraciones Cake Matilda

Mi entrada
Felicidades a los ganadores

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Primera vez por aqui amigo @mister-omortson, se trata de un rico pollo agridulce estilo asiatico con sabor venezolano!!!


Saludos @mister-omortson este es un platillo realizado por mi bella madre, es un arroz chino a estilo venezolano, lleva pollo frito salteado en vegetales finamente picados, carné sofrita con especies y bastante ajó. Y de acompañante unas finas tajadas de plátano fritas.

Greetings @mister-omortson this is a dish made by my beautiful mother, it is a Venezuelan-style Chinese rice, it has fried chicken sautéed in finely chopped vegetables, fried meat with spices and a lot of garlic. And as a side, some thin slices of fried banana.
Fotos tomadas con mi celular android TCL LX2, cámara HD de 13 Mpx.

 6 months ago (edited)

Thank you ever so much @mister-omortson! The gazpacho soup photo @xaviduran especially its composition was my favourite too so I’m not surprised at all it got the first prize!

Thanks a lot @petface for your kind words and recognition. Also to @mister-omorson for encouraging me and the funny way he show the final results.

Congrats to the winners and a good job done by you @mister-omortson. It been a while.

 6 months ago 

Okroshka is a traditional Russian summer cold soup on kvass or kefir. Cooked, photographed and eaten by me today)

Спасибо огромное! Счастлива, что вам понравился мой завтрак!
С уважением - я)

Hola @mister-omortson!!
Aqu{i mi participación...

pescado frito.jpeg

Fried Fish.

Saludos, Felicitaciones a los ganadores y éxito a los de esta semana. 🙏🤗.

Mi Participación:


Congratulations to all! Great works. Here is my entry. Delicious elderflower ice cream and ginger cake.

Cena del día de ayer

My entry 😊


Hola dejo mi participación

Hola amigo esta es mi entrada.


Dónde estará mi amiga @sacra97, no he visto ningún comentario de ella por aquí. Espero de todo corazón que se encuentre bien.

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