Weekly challenge on Steem!!! Food photo / Week #149

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Hi everybody! Всем привет! Hola a todos! Bonjour à tous! Hallo allerseits! Поздрав свима!




p r e s e n t s

Weekly food photo #149

This week is gone. The next began. That mean It is the time to start our weekly challenge. Let's see what the participants presented this week. Whose photo looks the most delicious? М-ммм...

At first we would like to congratulate @filili71, who got most number of upvotes ($0.07)
Prize 1 Steem+WORLD OF XPILAR trail upvote


Now the time has come to reward the authors whose photos were included in the collage in the top of the post. The first one is... is... is... a participant @petface

Prize is 1.5 Steem + WORLD OF XPILAR trail upvote

Our congratulations!



Silver goes to... @notannov

1.25 steem + WORLD OF XPILAR trail upvote


Bronze goes to.... to @eto-ka
1 steem + WORLD OF XPILAR trail upvote


0.5 + WORLD OF XPILAR trail upvote


HM steem + WORLD OF XPILAR trail upvote


The participant will get upvote on posts created in the WORLD OF XPILAR community

That,s all for today. Nothing else caught our attention :-(

Competition start on 14 of September and ends on 21 of September (payout time)

The basic rules:

  • Upvote, Resteem the initial post or Update post
  • Use only your own photos! Any attempt to steal other's work is considered a serious infraction, we will cancel yours qualification permanently
  • Add photo to initial post. The photo can be on any topic, of any quality. No restrictions (except violence and porn)
  • A participant cannot upvote his own photo

It's very easy! Grab your smartphones and take photos of everything edible around you! I am waiting for your photos!


We would like to make friends with a sponsor :-)

Because... we need some steem for prizes

That,s all for today!

Stand by

Sincerely yours



 8 months ago 

Very appetizing! (I cook myself this dish frequeently, and as such I may notice the eggs lack of grinded black pepper here!) Oh, and you've got amazing 'face' here. Love this stuff. Upvoted 100%.

 8 months ago 

The face looks surprised: “Is it really that simple?”

 8 months ago 

А неплохо! И цветовое сочетание доставляет. На мой вкус, не хватает подчеркнуть винегретную фракцию - раз уж не подсветить ее отдельным прожектором, то можно бы дорисовать свет в фотошопе :)))))

Спасибо. Я не фотограф и фотошоп у меня не установлен. Иногда редактирую фотографии с помощью установленного на телефоне очень простенького редактора, но не более.

И вновь красиво и зожно!


Buenas tardes saludos y felicitaciones a los ganadores acá le dejo mi entrada con esta hermosa torta de cumpleaños de un vecino tomador.


 8 months ago 

This looks not appetizing :(

 8 months ago 

My contribution to the contest, an 'asiette' of fresh fruit.

Sun Apartments 1075 1.jpg

Unless stated otherwise, all the pictures and the words are mine.
Do not use this image without my written permission.
Proudly free of AI.
Thanks for stopping by and taking a look.

Camera: Canon EOS 5 MkIII
Lens: Canon 24-70 f:2.8
Processed with Capture One

Que espectaculo me encanta.

Saludos @mister-omortson ;)

Una deliciosa Torta de Naranja!

Muy hermosa torta saludos.

 8 months ago 

Всем привет!
Для настоящих гурманов подарок (как называется, не знаю, но очень вкусно:)
Вообще-то, баклажан по-каковски...


Saludos amigos
Saludos @mister-omortson ,felicitaciones a los ganadores.

Deliciosos bollos de maíz con chicharrón envueltos en hojas de banano.

Mi querida yo quiero uno tu sabe que me gusta esos bllitos aliñados tu sobrino cumpleaños mañana y quiero unos así.

О, спасибо)
Поздравляю победителей!


Мой неказистый, но ооочень вкусный морковный торт)

Que rico se ve saludos.

О, спасибо большое! :)

Поздравляю всех победителей!

Десерт из ресторана Две палочки. Тёплый шоколадный кекс с мороженым и мятным соусом.

click here to see a bigger version of it

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