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Busque la moneda con las palabras en su borde, nada que la encontraba. Busque Goliath. y me dio varias alternativas cercanas, buscando en cada uno de los enlaces encontré la película, yo recuerdo abismo una más reciente hasta con extraterrestres allí. No encontré nada de la pata de pollo, ja, ja. La chica es junto al protagonista están en el viaje, encuentran el medallón esas letras coinciden con la imagen.

Look for the coin with the words on its edge, nothing to find it. Look for Goliath. and it gave me several nearby alternatives, looking at each of the links I found the movie, I remember abyss a more recent one even with aliens there. I didn't find any of the chicken leg, ha ha. The girl is next to the protagonist they are in the trip, they find the medallion those letters coincide with the image.


first of all I was looking for all the movies about sharks I was searching and searching until I saw the cover of the movie abyss and I saw that a woman was diving with a white shirt and I decided to look for the movie and if the clues matched.

1- the name goliath is the name of the ship that had sunk.

2- the ampoule contains medicinal morphine and this was found on the ship called goliath.

3- the medallion contains the image of a woman and the initials S.C.O.P.N and the date 1714 which Gail found while diving and also used the diving glasses and Gail was wearing a white shirt.



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