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Hi everybody! Всем привет! Hola a todos! Bonjour à tous! Hallo allerseits! Поздрав свима!

пока жирЪ.jpg

New challenge on steem!!!

Photo of the week #8

Hello my dear!

Today I want to announce last week's winners and kick off next week's challenge. Today we return to the old idea: a photo can be on any topic.

About winners

I would like to present to you the winner of the week #7! This is @seo-boss with with an offended cat. Reward - 5 Steem

My congratulations!

Today the next six participants receive prizes

I am glad that the steem maestros have joined us! Тwo genres: still life and landscape. Great photos!
Lets watch and learn how to make art photography!


The next one is my favorit. Very romantic photo!


The basic rules:

  • Upvote, Resteem the initial post or Update post
  • Use only your own photos! Any attempt to steal other's work is considered a serious infraction, we will cancel yours qualification permanently
  • Add photo to initial post. The photo can be on any topic, of any quality. No restrictions (except violence and porn)
  • A participant cannot upvote his own photo


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Please support this challenge!

That,s all for today!

Stand by

Sincerely yours



 7 months ago 

Muse of the Storm


Be sure to click on the image to view full screen!

Great photo.

Wow, beautiful ... what a magical photo ... Great @axeman ... greetings

You can examine a very nice aesthetic picture congratulations:)

A great photo @axeman

 7 months ago 

Ничего себе, закрутил экспрессию! Это ее от чеснока так корёжит? :)

Felicitaciones/ Congratulations to the winners. @seo-boss, @axeman, @sayago, @omonteleone, @ainie.kashif, @lighteye, @sardrt.
Un hermoso reto lleno de aportes fotográficos lindísimos y creativos/ A beautiful challenge full of beautiful and creative photographic contributions @mister-omortson

Hola @sacra97, muchas gracias.

Muchas gracias sacra97, agradecido por tan bonitas palabras... saludos

Thanks @sacra97, have a nice day and take care, cheers, ainie

 7 months ago 

Muchos grasias! )))))))))))))

Hi @mister-omortson. Congratulations to all winners, great photo @seo-boss.
My entry photo proposal:

Velerismo sobre el Rio Orinoco.


 7 months ago (edited)

Que estupendo me encanta, que ingenioso. @zhanavic69

Bueno vamos a tener que hacerlo je je me da miedo esas aguas del Orinoco son peligrosas.

Aprovechando cuando baja su cauce el río

 7 months ago 

I liked the composition of the photo! Can be placed in composition tutorials

Hello good put it because he he thanks a taste that you liked.

Arbolito de Navidad Gigante.


En mi querida Ciudad Boliavr desde hace algunos años atras se realiza una actividad en un lugar llamado Paseo Orinoco, específicamente en el Mirador Angostura, este lugar lo decoraban muy bonito, muestra de ello este arbolito gigante, ya que estamos cerca de la navidad.

Hermoso árbol

Hermoso árbol de navidad.

Una hermosura la foto mi querido @vicent21

 7 months ago 

Are you already celebrating New Year?

Not yet in December he he

 7 months ago (edited)

Felicidades a todos los ganadores.
Este es un hermoso balneario ubicado en ciudad Guayana-Estado Bolívar Venezuela donde convergen dos grandes ríos: Orinoco y Caroní

Un espacio muy lindo, llegue a viajar y a conocerlos, bellísimo @javima

Gracias mi querida @sacra97 por esas palabras tan hermosas hacia mi querida tierra.

Thank you very much, @mister-omortson, and congratulations to the winners. And now, breaking the rules!

No violence? Oh, come on! Just a little violence, please… 😉😄

 7 months ago 


Wow! Hope not to be so close 😂

Measuring out the youngsters, they always entertain themselves at the fairs.

Una probadita nada más / Just a little taste.


 7 months ago 


seguro fue una probadita yo no puedo con una ja ja ja

Yo probaría el lazo y lo demás también

Que rico se ve.

Hi @mister-omortson and the readers of this post - this is my entry for this weeks competition. It was taken at Parque das Águas, Sorocaba, Brazil, where many people go to relax, spend time with their loved ones and also to exercise and at the same time, admire nature and the scenery.
There is a lake in the centre of this park with trees where a multitude of different birds and wildlife congregate. It was taken as the sun was setting and I captured the silhouette of the birds and trees.

To be honest, I like the idea of a specific theme or a suggestion for the topic of each contest because it gives each competition more focus and a theme that runs throughout each one. Also, if we do not have, own or have taken a pic which covers the specific theme of the competition, that means we have to go out and take or create one! That's just my idea and view!

Bye for now 😊

WOW! Loved it.

Hola felicito a los ganadores y dejo mi participacioón para esta semana.



!la bella flor de una palmera tomada en Panamá

Hermosa 💕

Hermoso racimo @naylet

Un rico desayuno para empezar mi día de trabajo.


Me encanta mi merienda favorita @neferet24

 7 months ago 

Relax en la montaña.


Una esplendida vista, muy relajante.

Hi, everyone

This is my entry in the Photo of the week # 8 contest by @mister-omortson

Silhouettes in a blue sea

𝓣𝓱𝓮 𝓭𝓮𝓽𝓪𝓲𝓵 𝓸𝓯 𝓵𝓸𝓿𝓮


 7 months ago 

Very romantic

:) thanks

Hi @mister-omortson, here's my entry for this week's photo contest, thanks for organizing this awesome contest. Good luck to all participants. Have a Nice Day and take care! Cheers, ainie

Photo of the week #8 ~ Entry Post


This is the first entry by me on this contest

I also loved that cute cat 🐈 @seo-boss. Congrats.

Coloridas lanchas en Caicara del Orinoco

Que hermosa alineación de peñeros y lanchas, muy colorida @alegnita

Gracias @sacra97. Cada semana está más reñido este concurso con buenas entradas. Suerte para ti también. Buenas noches.

Hi friends!
My entry!



 7 months ago 

How deeply!

It is!
thanks :3

 7 months ago 

This is not a chocolate cake. This is cutting chaga for drying and further preparation of tea, broths, tinctures and other.
Это не шоколадный торт. Это нарезка чаги для сушки и дальнейшего приготовления чая, отваров, настоек и прочего

 7 months ago 

Но выглядит аппетитно

 7 months ago 

Благодарствую :))
Уже пошла в дело, настойка приобрела багряный цвет)

Fundacion Cultural PARAPARA.


Esta es la sede ubicada en la calle Bolivar, en el casco historico de Ciudad Bolivar.

Fue declarada patrimonio cultural de la ciudad y su fundadora Mariita aun sigue al frente de la misma, enseñan a niños, jóvenes y quien quiera a tocar instrumentos musicales como el cuatro, las maracas, tambor y a jugar Parapara tambien.

Recree esta fotografía en el jardín de mi edificio... Espero les guste...


In the middle of the rainy days and its gray colors I could see this little rainbow near my house.


The camera I used is that of the Samsung Galaxy J3.

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Felicidades a Los Ganadores, Excelentes fotos.
Esta es mi Participación: Muestra mi Plaza Bolivar, con su bella Catedral ubicada en Ciudad Bolivar-Venezuela.


 7 months ago 

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Hello @mister-omortson a question and doubt these are the winners mentioned above and their prizes?

Or is it that I still don't understand, but the one in the first photo is the first winner, the others are mentions, do they have any prize?

Because looking for those of last week and the author of the photo of the yellow flower whose user is @elmaracucholin I do not see it in the list of those who made transference of the prize to them.

Explain me please?

 7 months ago 

That's my mistake! Thank you!

Well you have to be very careful, because that discourages users.

Thanks for this recognition to
mister-omortson and the WORLD OF XPILAR community ... The photography
from @ seo-boss "An offended cat", it's a great shot ...

My congratulations to all of us who made the honor roll!

Great, thank you!

This Gif is free4all

 7 months ago 

Steemians liked your picture

Well done on your cat entry. The cutest photo :)


Hi @mister-omortson as I understand my flower photo was mentioned and that it looks like there should be a prize for me, but in your list below my name does not appear


 7 months ago 


Please and thank you

Grazie per aver inserito la mia foto nella tua selezione!!

 7 months ago 

I look forward to new photos from you!

Beautiful pictures! Congratulations to the winners!

vaoov 1 steem was sent to me for this thank you very much :)