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Hi everybody! Всем привет! Hola a todos! Bonjour à tous! Hallo allerseits! Поздрав свима!


Traditional challenge on steem!!!

Photo of the week #37

Hello my dear!

Over the past week, you have sent us a huge number of photos. We have noticed that you prefer a specific topic of the competition. Ok, let's continue this trend. Next week's theme is The doors!


Well theme of next week is -the doors- of all kinds!
Of course, you can post photos on any topic, but photos of the doors will take priority.




well...all fortresses on your photos are amazing. We received a number of interesting photos. Today we decided to award more participants than usual due to the small number of participants. The topic -fortresses- proved to be a barrier for many participants.

We noticed that our upvote knocked out the whole game in the voting, so from now on we will be more restrained!

Now the time has come to reward the authors whose photos were included in the top of the favorits. The first one is... is... is... @leylar
Perhaps this unusual expressive photo is exactly what we wanted to see in this round!
Prize is 8 Steem!


Silver goes to our new participant Rusana Krasteva @petface
4 steem


Bronze goes to participant Xavier Duran @xaviduran
3 steem


Usually at this point we stopped rewarding, but we were again rescued by the support in the form of a powerful upvote of @steemcurator01 so we will allow ourselves to reward a few more participants!


We really liked the photo of participant @veta-less
2 steem

Эта крепость находится в городке Савонлинна, Финляндия

We have not received photos from participant @daverobe for a long time. We want to encourage and encourage him to participate in the next competition!
2 steem


Ehrenbreitstein Fortress, Koblenz, Germany

Congratulations to @olga.maslievich
2 steem

The famous Wawel Castle on the Vistula River in Krakow

The following authors receive 1 $teeM each:

That,s all for today my dear!
Unfortunately, nothing else caught our attention :-(
Please! Be more active friends! More creativity, more imagination!

Competition start on 15 of May and ends on 22 of May (payout time)

The basic rules:

  • Upvote, Resteem the initial post or Update post
  • Use only your own photos! Any attempt to steal other's work is considered a serious infraction, we will cancel yours qualification permanently
  • Add photo to initial post. The photo can be on any topic, of any quality. No restrictions (except violence and porn)
  • A participant cannot upvote his own photo


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Sincerely yours




Поздравляю победителей!
@mister-omortson! Эта прекрасная дверь находится внутри Церкви Покрова Пресвятой Богородицы, стоящей на острове Хортице, в комплексе "Запорожская Сечь" ... Внешне церковь такая же, как выглядит входящая башня с частоколом, зато внутри - такая красота!!!

Muy llamativa de madera clara y espectacular forma @tinochka2
Very striking light wood and spectacular shape @tinochka2

Thank you, my dear @sacra97! The door is truly amazing!

дверь красивая и добротная!

Добротная, с кованными элементами...

 6 months ago 

A door with a slightly peculiar style, but it looks very resistant.

Thanks for sharing your images @tinochka2

¡Gracias, @josertalaverag! La puerta es vieja, como en siglos pasados.

Hermosa puerta amiga @tinochka2 parece la de la casa de un cuento

Ух ты какая дверь!

Hola a todos
Felicitaciones a los ganadores de esas hermosas fortalezas y castillos.
Hola @mister-omortson


Muy hermosa y bien conservada @javima

My latest entry for contest. Thanks @mister-omortson !

Congrats to winning photo entrants :)

blue door a1.png

 6 months ago 


It´s really a beautiful photo, I like the color of the door.

Thanks @katty77 Glad you like the door photo :)

Hermosa puerta amiga @dianadee

Thanks @javima Enjoy your day:)

De nada amiga @dianadee

Thanks @sacra97 Have a great day ahead:)


 6 months ago 
Entrance to what was originally called the House of the French Cable, located in the city of Carúpano - Venezuela, so called, because the first submarine cable arrived that connected by telephone the French city of Marseille with the city of Carúpano in Venezuela. This house, built in the 19th century.

I took it in an urban photo session and I placed the dancer as a contrast.

Door Museum.jpg

Very original, @josertalaverag!

 6 months ago 

Thanks @tinochka2

Que lindura @josertalaverag puerta, pose y ballet

Felicitaciones a los ganadores, excelente semana @mister-omortson.

Puertas y ventanas de casas coloniales en el casco colonial historico de la ciudad de Barcelona Venezuela.

Doors and windows of colonial houses in the historic colonial quarter of the city of Barcelona Venezuela

Congratulations to the winners, great week @mister-omortson

It is a pity that the door does not look very distinct, @sacra97, but if it is the same as the windows, then it is wonderful - carved!)))

Very true, the detail of the door is hardly visible, it is also grated with tubes for protection and security at present, I had another photo in front of it but I did not find it in my trunk of memories. Thanks for comment @tinochka2

@sacra97 Una puerta hermosa, se hubiera visto aún mejor si la foto fuera más grande.

Lindo arte colonial @sacra97

 6 months ago 

Las zonas coloniales de Venezuela en cualquier ciudad son hermosas @sacra97, gracias por compartir una de ellas..!

Saludos y suerte..!

Se parecen mucho a las del Casco Histórico de Ciudad Bolívar mi querida @sacra97

St. Michael Chapel - Museum of Barquisimeto


Qué bonita puerta! Parece de película. Gracias por compartir. Saludos

Linda puerta y museo también amigo @manuelgil64

Gracias amiga @javima, estas invitada a conocerlo.


@mister-omortson Мое участие в конкурсе the week #37: The Doors
Когда я проходила около этого старого здания, моё внимание привлекли корни бугенвилии. Но, подойдя ближе я уведела входную дверь в кафе для любителей живописи и литературы.
Я не могла её не сфотографировать.


Необыкновенная дверь...

Спасибо, Тиночка!

Una antigua puerta azul llamativa @ludmila.kyriakou
An old eye-catching blue door @ludmila.kyriakou

¡Muchas gracias! @sacra97

Hello to all. Today I am posting myself behind the doors and another beautiful door. I hope you like them. See you next time.


De color hermoso @wnfdiary

 6 months ago 

Something more unusual :)


 6 months ago 

Good image for a movie cover my friend @axeman

 6 months ago 

Thank you ever so much for the silver @mister-omortson Getting it certainly made my day today! @leylar Congrats on winning the contest - I do like your photo and find it very original - that is what the art of photography is all about I reckon.

Thank you @petface, for your kind words. I try to see the extraordinary in the ordinary.

 6 months ago 

You are more than welcome @leylar! You are great at spotting the out of the ordinary according to me, so I am certainly looking forward to seeing more of your photographs.

 6 months ago 

Congratulations @pettafe beautiful image and also for @leylar, well deserved both awards ..!


 6 months ago 

Thank you ever so much @josertalaverag! I am really pleased that I got the silver in the fortress week which as @mister-omortson announced turned out to be a challenge for many! Take care and we keep in touch!

 6 months ago 

I share your joy @petface, I regrettably could not participate because this type of architecture is very scarce in Venezuela and some of the castles or fortresses that still exist are far away from me and motivated by the pandemic it is not possible to move.
Better times will come .. Just take good care of yourself and we will keep in touch ..

 6 months ago 

That makes total sense @josertalaverag - next time then! I also hope that better times are yet to come and simply can not wait for all of us across the globe to leave the pandemic behind. For us here, in England, indoor dining resumed yesterday which was forbidden for nearly half a year. And I am also really looking forward to the weekend as this will be my first trip for the year 2021, here in the UK, including an overnight stay, as Covid-19 restrictions started to ease.

 6 months ago (edited)

Hi @mister-omortson, fellow @steemians and all the members of the @worldofxpilar community, this is my submission for this weeks contest: Photo of the week #37: The Doors Edition.

Do They Have a Cave Troll...?

click on the image to see a bigger version of it

This pic was taken at the entrance of St. Paul's Cathedral, London, UK. As you can see, it is a massive entrance/doorway, so I made a joke and titled the pic as reference to Lord of Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring! I hope you like it? 😎

Good luck and see you soon! 👍

Guao es enorme, debe pesar muchísimo @daverobe, buena puerta.

Obrigado @sacra97. 👍

Realmente es enorme @daverobe

Es gigante esa puerta @daverobe

Hi everyone!
Hope you all good!
Here is my entry, the door of a drug store in Buenos Aires


Somewhere inside the Mysore Palace, Karnataka, India

Recuerdo de uno de mis viajes a Margarita, Porlamar, Venezuela. Amé los colores! No recuerdo el nombre de la Calle, está ubicada en el sector playero y llamó muchísimo mi atención por los colores ya que generalmente en esa zona las puertas están roidas por el salitre del mar.

Que puerta ttan hermosamente azul @bedarg

Si verdad? Espectacular, gracias por acercarte aquí!

Me gusta y tiene mi color favorito.... gracias por compartir. Saludos

Gracias a ti por notarlo!

Hermosa foto, felicitaciones.

Muchas gracias!

Muy divertida y colorida puerta @bedarg

Muy divertida y colorida puerta @bedarg

Muy divertida y colorida puerta @bedarg

Muchas gracias Javima, esa es una de mis fotos favoritas hasta los momentos, 😘

Hello everybody,

I love the theme of the week, the doors, thank you @mister-omortson for proposing it.

DSCF4551 copia.jpg

In the photo you can see the door of a garage for bikes and other vehicles in Mallorca, and its eye-catching façade, decorated with plants and old bicycles.

 6 months ago 

Nice entry

Привет! Спасибо!

На память пришли только вот эти двери Пушечного двора в Казанском кремле:


 6 months ago 

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My entry this week, this is one of my favorite doors ever, I took it in my travel to Colombia and pulled in photoshop.

There are some wonderful photos here that highlight beauty in the world.

Hello everyone, here is my entry for this contest. This door I saw on my RAJASTHAN trip got my attention simple yet beautiful in its own way and the sun rays highlights the door and makes its more beautiful.

Hermosos Castillos! Felicitaciones a los Ganadores!

Mi entrada esta semana
Esta Imagen habla por si sola, el silencio y la penumbra son sus acompañantes.
Puerta de uno de los pasillos Hospital Eva Perón Buenos Aires-Argentina

Интересный дизайн, вот бы в наш подъезд такой поставить

Puerta divertida @rucoin
Funny gate @rucoin

Sexy and creative door. Great!

Hello friends, I´m glad to participate in this contest, here is my entry . This is the front door of the "María Auxiliadora Basilica" in Lima-Perú.


Vaya puerta un trabajo muy espectacular. @katty77

Si amiga, es toda una obra de arte.

Hola amigos, esta es mi participación


 6 months ago 

Hi there @mister-omortson Thank you for assigning us another weekly challenge which I would like to enter with my photo of The Doors of the Snow Hotel in Rovaniemi, Lapland situated above the arctic circle.


Here is a link to the original post:
Take care!

Awesome! Here is summer but there looks too white. Thanks to share. Cheers!

 6 months ago 

Cheers @mini80 I am glad that you like the photo which I thought will stand out by featuring such a wintery fairytale. I both personally and as a photographer do appreciate the beauty of all 4 seasons!

 6 months ago 

Love it .. !!

 6 months ago 

That's music to my ears - I am glad you do @josertalaverag!

Muy original @petface

 6 months ago 

Gracias @sacra97
¡Cómo no gustarle un invierno blanco y nevado!

Hola, muy buenas tardes, saludos a todos, por acá mi entrada al concurso.

Puerta de entrada Basílica menor de nuestra Virgen del Valle

Fue decretada de esta manera en 1955 por el papa Juan Pablo II, aunque la basílica original fue construida alrededor de los años 1500 y algo...


Basílica menor de la Virgen del Valle

Luego del maremoto que destruyó la ciudad de Nueva Cádiz, en la Isla de Cubagua, la imagen de la Virgen fue traída a la Isla de Margarita y fue ubicada en el templo original, ubicado en El Valle del Espíritu Santo, donde hoy en día existe la Basílica.

Cada 1 de septiembre se baja a la virgen de su pedestal, para que los feligreses la vean de cerca y cada 8 de septiembre se realizan las festividades en su honor.

Actualmente existe un proyecto, para que en lotes cercano a esta, se construya un auditorio que abarque un mayor número de personas, ya que la Basílica actual, no da basto con la cantidad de personas que asisten a la feligresía, durante sus festividades

Espero que les guste mi post, saludos...

 6 months ago 

Too much of photo!
Please choose one!


Hello Friends Congratulations all winners! Here my entry:


This door is from a little church in my mom Town. Venezuela. Hope you like it. Cheers!

Photo by @mini80.

This topic looks fun, will definitely be participating

Поздравляю победителей!

Hello my dear @ mister-omortson, for this entry that is about doors I wanted not to limit myself and show you some of my city with Colonial style, I hope you like them.


My entry

Thank you very much for the prize! Unexpectedly.
Congratulations to all!

Hello Steemitians !! This is my first ever participation in Steemit contest.

2019-09-15 12-24-36.JPG

I'm a newbie in this platform, please excuse if there is any mistake and guide me so that I can learn

Muy bendecido día tengan todos y felicidades a los ganadores mi entrada: La puerta de entrada hacia la biblioteca de mi casa:

Very blessed day to you all and congratulations to the winners my entry: The gateway to my home library:


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