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Hi everybody! Всем привет! Hola a todos! Bonjour à tous! Hallo allerseits! Поздрав свима!


Traditional challenge on steem!!!

Photo of the week #16

Hello my dear!

Another week passed. Let's take a break from our daily routine and take a look at the pictures we received this week. So what kind of catch did the nets bring us?

We are very glad that a new participant of our challenge won today. This is @niniveh29112 with а giant street Christmas decorations
Reward - 3.5 Steem

My congratulations!

The next participant is our absolute favorite. We really like the photo, which gives us a festive mood.
Reward - 3 steem
Congratulations to @dianadee

We cannot pass by the next participant. We suggest a name for his photo - "The last autumn greetings".
Reward - 1.5 steem

Next Prize is going to @alegnita. We liked this still life!
Reward - 2 steem

The prize is going to @mcarol19. We like the dynamics in this photo.
Reward - 1 steem

Another photo with a festive theme.
The prize is going to @esthersanchez
Reward - 1 steem

We are very pleased with the constant participation of the photo dominator of steem Mr. @axeman
Reward - 1 steem

In conclusion, one more photo from @sayago
Reward - 1 steem

That,s all for today my dear

The basic rules:

  • Upvote, Resteem the initial post or Update post
  • Use only your own photos! Any attempt to steal other's work is considered a serious infraction, we will cancel yours qualification permanently
  • Add photo to initial post. The photo can be on any topic, of any quality. No restrictions (except violence and porn)
  • A participant cannot upvote his own photo


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I,m asking for support to

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Please support this challenge!

Stand by

Sincerely yours




Are these photos from camera lenses that was the matter? You're really a professional photography

using camera and good lenses do not make photographer PRO. one may capture poor images with PRO gear, and one may capture perfect images, having just a poor smartphone, as well. cheers!

 2 years ago 

Шикарное фото. Есть смысл поддержать стопроцапом)

WOW... Beautiful shot of this lizard with all details, 🦎 I loved it a lot. #venezuela #affable

thank you, @alegnita. kind words are appreciated!

#russia #affable

Welcome ☺️

Here is my entry for the week.
Merry Christmas !!


Que puente más bonito @vcclothing

It sure is

Felicitaciones a los Ganadores!!

Photo of the week #16

Una parte del Nacimiento de mis vecinos! Feliz Navidad!!

Que hermoso nacimiento navideño @yurilaya

Привет! Похвастаюсь зимой:


 2 years ago 

Мороз и солнце - день чудесный
Еще ты дремлешь....)

Hermosa foto!
Me encanta ese brillo en el cielo!
Happy Christmas!!

 2 years ago 

думаю, что перед НГ нельзя быть слишком серьёзным :-Р


 2 years ago 

Дровосеки зарубили золушку? :-)

 2 years ago 

Не, дровосек он девушек фоткать любит :Р

Mi entrada de esta semana :D

Ya en el mes de la Navidad

 2 years ago 


Que estupenda foto navideña @quediceharry

Felicitaciones a los ganadores, siempre hermosas sus fotos y el bonito espacio que nos brinda @mister-omortson para compartirlas.

¿Me ven, cámara en mano? Feliz con la navidad.


Lindos arreglos decorativos @sacra97!

 2 years ago 

Feliz con la navidad

Happy with christmas. I tried to take the photo of the Christmas decorations, in front of the column with the mirror and I came out in the photo, ha ha, I'm a Christmas.

Trataba de tomar la foto a los adornos navideños, delante de la colunna con espejo y sali en la foto, ja, ja, soy navideña.

Thank you very much, @mister-omortson. A beautiful Rose for this week:


Que linda @lighteye

Thank you very much for the mention. I really appreciate it @mister-omortson

Here is my new entry

Aragua State. Venezuela


Christmas holidays in Colonia Tovar

Bella foto Esther. 😍 Espero poder visitar pronto a la Colonia Tovar. 😊

No te arrepentirás!
Es uno de los lugares más lindos que he visto!

Por supuesto que sí 🥰

Me encanta la Colonia Tovar lo he visitado dos veces, todo huele diferente @esthersanchez

Si mi amiga! Todo huele diferente, fresco, a verde!!!
Es una belleza, sobre todo si te posas en la parte superior de las casas. Te sientes "Heidi" ja ja !!

Have a witness !BEER

 2 years ago 

Amazing one, sunsets are always beautiful. Specially in the shores. 😃

Mi primera entrada/my first entry


😍😍😍😍😍 coffee☕️ this is beautiful!

Thank u!❤️❤️🥺

My entry


So talented omg! What a beautiful pic

Thank you so much🙏🏻

Greetings to all!

This is my entry: Photo of the week # 16

 2 years ago (edited)

Thanks so much for being one of the winners and receiving a prize. Appreciate it @mister-omortson

Congrats to the other winning participants too-well done :)

Here is my latest entry for contest

Una flor de cariaquito. Es conocida por sus propiedades medicinales.

Hi again @Mister-Omortson. Can anyone make a distinguishing between these cats? Which of them is the real one? 😂 I'm sending Regards to everyone. Good luck for this round of participation in this week. #onepercent #venezuela #affable


Hola amigos!!
Mi participacion:


Felicidades a los Ganadores.

Participo esta semana con esta fotografía.


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 2 years ago 

Transfer 0.500 STEEM to endemikas Photo of the week 15
Transfer 0.500 STEEM to boddhisattva Photo of the week 15
Transfer 0.500 STEEM to bambuka Photo of the week 15
Transfer 1.000 STEEM to lighteye Photo of the week 15
4 минуты назад Transfer 1.000 STEEM to sayago Photo of the week 15
Transfer 1.000 STEEM to axeman Photo of the week 15
Transfer 1.000 STEEM to esthersanchez Photo of the week 15
Transfer 1.000 STEEM to mcarol19 Photo of the week 15
Transfer 2.000 STEEM to alegnita Photo of the week 15
Transfer 3.000 STEEM to dianadee favorit photo

Felicidades a los ganadores!!!
Gracias por el apoyo @mister-omortson

Felicidades a todos, en lo personal mi favorita fue la de @sayago waoo :O buenísima captura


I want to take the opportunity to say welcome to the Steemit platform. You deserve the first place, I also loved your picture. It was amazing. Good choice @Mister-Omortson. And thanks for the provided prize. 😊 Regards. #onepercent #venezuela #affable


Welcome ☺️

Your photo deserves the first place. It is very striking and is within the context of the subject this time. Welcome and Congratulations!!


those are amazing photographs, like the way this contest goes as it could be a great search source for future references

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