Blitz contest -Guess the movie- round XXI

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Hi everybody! Всем привет! Hola a todos! Bonjour à tous! Hallo allerseits! Поздрав свима!


Blitz contest -Guess the movie-

Hello my dear!

In the latest installment, I posted tips for solving puzzles of 10 and 20 rounds. This greatly simplified the task. Our regular participant Machandra immediately seized the opportunity and took the prize. He guessed the names of the films
Today I present to your attention a new rebus. I think it,s pretty simple. You just need to look at the picture, name the film and pick up the prize.

The competition is valid until the encrypted film is announced.

The prizes for next round:
1st place - 5 steem
2nd place - 2 steem
3rd place - 1 steem

I want to draw your attention to an interesting competition of my friends!



I remind you that the puzzle from round VI remains unsolved!
1st place - 3 steem

It's very easy! Solve the puzzle and take the prize!

The basic rules:

  • Upvote, Resteem the initial post or Update post!
  • Only one attempt per participant


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Se parece al carro de colección de mis hijos.


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Поймай меня, если сможешь (2002) Подозрительно знакомые глаза у этого типа

The movie is Breakfast at Tiffany's

 3 years ago 

Your attempt is registered!

the movie is Breakfast at Tiffany's first I decided to look for the brand of the vehicle and I thought it was a porsche but then I searched and searched and it was not a porsche but a Jaguar e-type and since I had the brand of the vehicle I searched movie after movie to see if this vehicle appears and I got several results but then I decided to investigate about the word Givenchy and I found that it is the last name of a fashion designer and he designed dresses for audrey hepburn but what I could not find are the other objects.


audrey in a jaguar e-type


(Audrey Hepburn & Hubert Givenchy)

 3 years ago 

Your attempt has been valid!

How to Steal a Million, Cómo robar un millón.

Peter O'Toole



 3 years ago 


Cuando vi la mirada sólo me vino a la cabeza la palabra desierto, los ojos de Peter O'Toole, aunque eso no me indicaba la película, no la ubicaba por ningun lado la única que tiene un carro parecido, una mansión era esta. El balde no tengo idea debe ser parte de la trama. @mister-omortson

When I saw the look, only the word desert came to my mind, the eyes of Peter O'Toole, although that did not indicate the film, it was not located anywhere, the only one that has a similar car, this was a mansion. The bucket I have no idea must be part of the plot. @mister-omortson

 3 years ago 

Тhe eyes of Peter O'Toole are magnificient) That,s clear
But excuse me, the bucket plays one of the main roles in the film. And of course you need to explain what kind of mansion is in the background!

 3 years ago (edited)

I think that in robbery they use the bucket to get the stolen. By the way is this phrase some time after I put it as a complement

I found it is a comment the artist made:
─Lawrence! O’Toole burst out, sipping his scotch. I became obsessed with that man and that was wrong. The true artist should be able to jump into a shit bucket and come out smelling of violets, but I spent two years and three months thinking only of Lawrence, and it was him, and that's how it went day after day, day after day, and that it hurt, personally, and it killed my acting afterward.
(Excerpt from the chronicle "Peter O’Toole in the old land", published in Portraits and Encounters, by Gay Talese. (Aguilar, 2008. pp 142-144))

Creo que en robo utilizan el cubo para sacar lo robado. De paso esta esta frase tiempo despues que la pongo de complemento.
Lo encontre es un comentario que hizo el artista:
─¡Lawrence! ─prorrumpió O’Toole, tomándose su escocés─. Me obsesioné con ese hombre y eso estuvo mal. El verdadero artista debería ser capaz de saltar a un balde mierda y salir oliendo a violetas, pero yo me pasé dos años y tres meses pensando únicamente en Lawrence, y era él, y así fue día tras día, día tras día, y eso me hizo daño, en lo personal, y mató mi actuación después.
(Fragmento de la crónica “Peter O’Toole en el viejo terruño”, publicada en Retratos y encuentros, de Gay Talese. (Aguilar, 2008. pp 142-144))

A model of the Museum or plan

Una maqueta del Museo


 3 years ago 

Today you,re the best!


hmm...somehow missed this...will give it a shot in sometime

 3 years ago 

Do you have a version for this round?

This sounds like we haven't guessed it yet, ha, ha,ha. @mchandra @mister-omortson

I agree with @sacra97 that the movie is "How to steal a million"

  1. Simon's car is Jaguar E type
  2. Eyes are Peter O Toole's
  3. Givenchy designed Audrey Hepburn's dress
  4. Painting frame indication of the forged paintings (Van Gogh) of Charles Bonnet that Simon comes to steal
  5. Bucket is the bucket where Nicole disguised as a cleaning woman hides the Venus statue stolen by Simon
  6. The building is the sketch image of Musee Carnavalet, which is where the exhibition takes place in the movie.

Guao que buena investigación @mchandra viste que si ttenias para aportar, ja, ja.

Wow, what a good investigation @mchandra you saw that if you had to contribute, ha ha.


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